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Pop-Up Motorcycle Crate Saves Time and Money [Video]

pop up motorcycle crate wrapped ready

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Clint Lawrence

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The Perfect Gift For the Love of Your Life

Well, Valentine’s Day is upon us and you’re once again searching for that perfect gift for your sweetheart? You’ve looked at the jewelers, the florists, even travel agencies, but nothing feels exactly right?

Ahhh, it’s an age-old dilemma shared by both men and women. You want something that they’ll appreciate, but at the same time, roses wither and die, diamonds leave you in the poor house and gift cards are … well, let’s just say that they aren’t scoring you any real points.

Fortunately for you, we at have the perfect solution!

Pop-Up motorcycle crate assembled before wrapping
Pop-Up motorcycle crate assembled before wrapping

The Pop-Up® Motorcycle Crate!

That’s right! You don’t have to be planning a shipment; you can purchase our patented Pop-Up® Crate anytime and have it delivered right to your garage door!

And, if you think about it, it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift! There’s no better way to protect and transport your true love; whether you’re taking her to the track or shipping her across the country! (And, it’s a must-have for dealers, collectors, moving companies and trade show vendors!)

Each crate is designed to let you safely transport your heartthrob in First Class fashion at Coach prices! With an assembled size of 90” Long  X 31” Wide X 50” Tall, most bikes will fit comfortably and snugly. Sure, some big bikes might have to shed their mirrors or bars for the trip, (but then, we could all lose a few pounds). And, since size definitely matters – in freight, at least – we’ve designed this crate to keep shipping costs as low as possible, no matter where you’re off to!

Pop-Up Motorcycle Crate Collapsed
Pop-Up motorcycle crate collapsed

We also help keep your garage clean, since our crate folds down to a mere 9” high, allowing you to easily store it in a closet, under a workbench, against a wall, in the rafters or even under your bed! (Hey, you never know).

As if that’s not enough, each crate also comes with 6 Soft Cinch® Tie Downs, which is like giving yourself a Valentine’s gift, too!

Each strap combines the ease of a ratchet strap with the safety of a soft loop that allows strategic strapping in tight areas. The self-tightening soft loop squeezes firmly to help reduce movement during the bumpiest of rides and the Grade A, extra soft, premium nylon helps to protect your bike’s fragile finishes.

2 Soft Cinch Motorcycle Tie Downs
Soft Cinch Motorcycle Tie Downs

With a 5’6” overall length and 4,500 lb. test nylon webbing; 1” wide heavy-duty ratchet; 800 lb. rated assembly and 1,000 lb. hook rating, you’ll be able to use these high-quality, bike-protecting straps for safely securing your ride to our crate, as well as when open-hauling in pickups, trailers, horse-drawn wagons or however you want! You can even use them to haul around other high-value items, like the safes full of cash that you’ll be saving by using our crate for your next shipment!

Each Pop-up® Motorcycle Crate includes 8 anchor points to easily secure your two-wheeled soulmate for safe transport. They’re made of sturdy, steel construction; yet amazingly-lightweight – only 120 lbs.! And, the crate is quick to assemble and easy to store and it will expedite shipment when you’re ready to take your baby with you to ride at Bike Week, Sturgis, or even a move across the country!

And for even more value-added benefits, you can put a piece of plywood on top to use as a workbench; drape it with a blanket to make a handy fort for the kiddos; or, easily pop-it-up to support a coffin for your Halloween display! Add a glass top and it can even double as a rather nice sofa back or entryway table! That’s right, our crates are multi-talented!

Plus, with FREE shipping to your door anywhere in the US, this is one gift that even your spouse won’t complain about! (Of course, they might be jealous if you don’t get them an equally-cool Valentine’s gift!)

For one, surprisingly low price, you’ll get …

  • Our patented, 90” X 31″ X 50” Pop-Up® Motorcycle Crate
    • Sturdy, steel construction that folds down to just 9” high!
    • Comes with 8 tie-down anchor points to ensure that you have just the right place to attach ties to keep your bike safe during transport.
    • Fits many motorcycles without bar removal and keeps shipping costs to a minimum!
  • 6 Soft-Cinch® brand Holding Straps
    • 5’ 6” overall length
    • 4,500 lb. test super-soft Nylon Webbing!
    • 1” wide Heavy-Duty Ratchet with 800 lb. Rated Assembly
  • FREE Shipping to your door, anywhere in the U.S.

Order your Pop-Up® Motorcycle Crate, today. Trust us, your bike will appreciate this way more than a box of chocolates!