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Order Tracking

Contract # to track (6 characters minimum, 8 maximum. First 2 alpha, ext 4 number, then option 00)

Tracking information provided is current and being continually updated to reflect the last point of check-in by the truck. It does not constitute “Real Time” or “Satellite/GPS” positioning. We provide you with the most detailed status/location updates via this system. Shipments routinely stop at secure locations awaiting transfer for the fastest possible delivery. A shipment may “hold” at a particular location for several days. These stops are factored into the approximate date ranges provided when your order was placed. The date range shown on the tracking system can vary from the date range listed on your final invoice due to system updates. The date ranges established on your invoice are the targeted dates for your shipment. Please be assured that our goal is to deliver your shipment by the delivery date range provided on your invoice.

Tracking questions for shipments should be referred to 1-800-730-3151.