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To find the cost of Trike Shipping, use our Instant Shipping Quote Calculator

Our Trike shipping service was designed to provide service for trikes, including the Can-Am Spyder. Motorcycles with sidecars can also move for the same rates as the Trikes.  The units are loaded onto a fully-enclosed, air-ride truck and safely secured directly to the truck using straps.

Our quote includes our Door-To-Door shipping service. We do not charge extra “Residential” fees to deliver the trike to your home. Additionally, prices are not subject to additional fuel surcharges, lift gate fees or other hidden costs. We include up to $7000 of valuation coverage for no additional charge with ZERO deductible. You can purchase more coverage for $7.00 per $1000 of valuation.

If you like to see the cost to use our trike transport service, simply use our quote calculator on the right, choose any motorcycle model listed and add $500 to the rate shown. You can call us directly to book the shipment, or simply use the online booking form, place your request in the notes and we will adjust the order to show the correct unit before we  send your invoice and charge your credit card. A shipping specialist will need to verify that your origin and destination locations are accessible by our service network prior to confirming your order.

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How We Do It..

Residential Fees | No Fuel Surcharges | Free Valuation Coverage

  • Simple

    Motorcycles are loaded by the drivers using special equipment and loading procedures. Watch our video to see how we do it.
  • Protected

    Our equipment provides an air-ride, fully-enclosed move using motorcycle straps to protect fragile parts.
  • Safe

    All transports are fully enclosed, use air- ride suspension. $7000 valuation coverage is included with each shipment. No deductible. Subject to Motorcycle Shippers’ Contract.
  • Dealer Programs

    Get Custom Services and Pricing

Shipping Highlights


Trikes are loaded by the drivers using special equipment and loading procedures. You don’t even need to drain the fuel tank!


All transports are fully enclosed, use air-ride suspension, and are specially equipped with extra large motorcycle-friendly liftgates.  Motorcycle straps are used to protect fragile parts.


$7000 valuation coverage is included and additional coverage is available for $7.00 per $1000 valuation. No deductible. Subject to Motorcycle Shippers’ Contract.


Pick up is approximately 1-5 business days and delivery is approximately 10-15 business days. in most states except WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, ND,SD, NE, and CO where pick up is approximately 3-7 business days and delivery is approximately 15-21 business days. We don’t provide service to New York City, Manhattan or the islands of New York.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The drivers will call one business day before arrival.
  • The condition of the trike will be noted at pick up for your protection.
  • Addresses must be tractor-trailer accessible.
  • Maximum height is 58″. If your unit is too tall, you may remove the shield and we will blanket-wrap it for transport.
  • Please leave the keys in the vehicle.
  • Someone must be available to sign for the shipment.
  • Read all Frequently Asked Questions here.


  • Pre-shipping inspection
    Condition Report
  • Safe loading using large liftgate
    Safe Loading
  • economy motorcycle shipping truck loaded
    Securely Fastened
  • economy motorcycle transport truck stacked
    Economically Transported