Environmentally Friendly

Our Approach to Energy-Efficient Motorcycle Shipping
At Motorcycle Shippers, we are committed to serving riders by transporting their motorcycles efficiently, affordably, and sustainably. We understand the role that the transportation sector plays in the health of our environment, and we’re proactive about finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Our sustainability policy guides everything we do, from our shipping practices, partnerships, and operations to our company culture.

Electric motorbike charging in the city
Sustainability Guides Everything We Do

Sustainable Shipping

  • Clean Partnerships: We work with carriers, contractors and partners who share our passion for energy-efficient transportation. Our key partner, CRST, has been designated as an Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Top Performer for its clean fleet and commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Through the SmartWay program, carriers like CRST partner with the EPA to measure, benchmark and improve their operations so that they can reduce their environmental impact. We’re proud to partner with CRST and other carriers who actively contribute to a more sustainable transportation sector.


  • Continuous Improvement: We continually seek out ways to reduce emissions and enhance energy efficiency across our shipping network. In collaboration with our carriers, we are taking action today to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Moving the Industry Forward: We work with our carriers and other partners to promote effective environmental policies in both the transportation and motorcycle industries. We’re passionate about contributing to this ongoing dialogue, which helps preserve the environment for future generations of riders.

Sustainable Operations

  • Minimizing Waste: We use natural resources efficiently across our operations, minimizing waste through recycling and other proactive measures. We choose sustainable materials whenever possible and have taken steps to reduce energy consumption at our headquarters. Through digital processes, our operations are now largely paperless.
  • Sustainable Decision-Making: We embed efficiency into our business decision-making process and evaluate our operations based on environmental impact.
  • Technology and Innovation: We’re always looking for new ways to enhance efficiency. We use technology to minimize the carbon footprint at our office and across our shipping network, measuring our progress every step of the way.
  • Sustainable Development Goals: We’re committed to driving progress toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, including Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (#9) and Responsible Consumption and Production (#12).

    Environmentally Friendly Green Truck made of Leaves
    Environmentally Friendly Shipping Operations

Sustainable Culture

  • Accountability: The actions we take today can help preserve the freedom of the open road for future generations. Our feedback process makes it easy for employees and partners to cite environmental issues and, should one arise, our leadership takes full responsibility for finding a solution.
  • Open Dialogue: We foster a corporate culture where every employee and partner is encouraged to share ideas for reducing our carbon footprint.
  • “Rider-First” Mentality: We prioritize environmental impact without sacrificing our “rider first” mentality, which ensures every customer’s motorcycle reaches its destination quickly, efficiently, and safely.

    POV of Motorcycle Rider in Snowy Mountains
    Prioritizing the Environment Without Sacrificing our “Rider-First” Mentality

Have a question about our sustainability policies or the carbon footprint involved with shipping your motorcycle? Our team is here to answer your questions. Contact us anytime.