Hawaii motorcycle shipping provided by professionals. Motorcycle Shippers has been providing motorcycle shipping to Hawaii since 1994. We make Hawaii motorcycle transport safe and affordable.


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Hawaii Motorcycle Shipping

Your quote includes picking up the bike at your door and moving it to the port in Honolulu.  Please use the quote tool on the upper right corner of this page for a quote.

Your shipment will be fully crated for protection and also packed inside of a fully enclosed container while on the ship. This helps protect it from the exposure and elements that can harm the finish. The crate is yours to keep for future use.

Valuation coverage is available in the amount requested, zero deductible.

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How We Do It..

Residential Fees or Fuel Surcharges | Free Valuation Coverage

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Motorcycles are loaded by the drivers onto our special motorcycle skids and in fully-enclosed, air-ride trucks back to our Corporate office in Southern California  where it gets properly packaged. It is then moved via cargo ship to the port on Honolulu, HI.


Our equipment provides a Perimeter of Protection® and soft straps are used to protect fragile parts on it’s way to Southern California. When in the cargo ship on it’s way to Hawaii, the motorcycle will be completely enclosed in a steel crate, loaded inside a steel shipping container.


All truck transports are fully enclosed, use air-ride suspension, and are specially equipped with extra large motorcycle-friendly lift gates. $7000 valuation coverage is included and additional coverage is available for $7.00 per $1000 valuation. No deductible. Subject to Motorcycle Shippers’ Contract.

Transit Time:

Total transport time to Hawaii averages 25 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Maximum dimensions for motorcycles are 90″ long x 50″ tall x 31″ wide. Please measure your motorcycle and note the dimensions when booking your order.  There may be a $500 additional charge for larger bikes.
  • Your shipment will be fully crated for your protection.
  • The condition of the motorcycle will be noted at pick up for your protection.
  •  Addresses at the origin must be tractor-trailer accessible.
  • You may use one of our Terminals for your convenience to drop the bike off.
  • Speak to one of our Motorcycle Shipping Specialists if you have any questions, (800) 730-3151.


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