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Motorcycle Shipping FAQ. Do you have questions about moving motorcycles?  See below for answers to all the  Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

Motorcycle Shipping FAQ

Answers to some of the most common questions asked by our customers. More questions? Just ask! Call (800) 730-3151 or contact us.

How long will it take for my shipment to be picked up and delivered?

Total transport time averages 15 business days, while the transport time frame can vary from 10-20 days.  The majority of shipments are picked up in approximately 1-10 business days and typically delivered 5-10 business days later.  You will receive more accurate time frames with your tracking information once your shipment is booked with us.

If you have already booked with us please refer to the email we sent for your tracking information and more specific dates, or call us for assistance.

Remote areas and weather conditions can cause delays,  but overall average transit is more than 90% on time.

Specific service days and/or expedited services may be available depending on the areas of service. View our Premium Services and ask your customer service representative how they can help meet your needs.

Motorcycle Shippers strives to provide the most expedient, safe and affordable methods of enclosed motorcycle transport available. We provide realistic time estimates for your shipment as part of our “No Surprises” customer service policy. We want your shipment to get delivered just as quick as you do, so please know that we work very hard to give you the most accurate information available to us at all times. The more motorcycles we move the more our customers can enjoy their ride.

Can you explain the requirement that "the pick up and delivery addresses be tractor/trailer accessible"?

Your shipment will be transported in an 18-wheeled truck in most cases. This is a tractor-truck with a 53-foot trailer attached, just like the ones you see every day on the freeway. The total length of the truck from front to rear is approximately 80 feet, and the height is approximately 13 feet. Your streets must be large enough to accommodate a truck of this size, and the truck must be able to drive to the address or location from public streets. Dead end streets and cul-de-sacs are considered “tractor/trailer” accessible as long as there is room to turn around at the end, or the street is wide enough to back down.

Some remote areas do not have roads wide enough for the trucks to navigate and/or include routes not normally used by trucks of this nature. Keep in mind that low hanging tree branches or wires should also be considered when determining if your location is tractor/trailer accessible. We want your shipment to go smoothly, so please provide an accessible location for the drivers.

My location is not tractor/trailer accessible, can I just tell the driver to meet me down the street when they call?

Having a tractor-trailer accessible address is always the best option. However, if your address is not tractor-trailer accessible, it is possible to have the drivers meet you at a nearby tractor-trailer friendly location. Any location where the drivers can safely and legally pull out of traffic lanes will do.

Do your drivers note the condition of the unit?

Yes, documentation is provided at both the origin and destination as to the condition of the vehicle.

Does someone need to be present when the drivers arrive?

Yes, someone must be available to review and sign the driver’s documents at the address provided.

Can I leave the unit in the driveway and sign the paperwork later?

Sorry, for the security of your shipment, the driver must be met by a “live” person. If the driver shows up after confirming their arrival by phone, and no one is present, “attempt fees” may apply. Attempt fees can range from $145-$250.

Will I receive a phone call before the driver arrives?

Yes. Dispatch will call the contact persons approximately 3-24 hours prior to the driver’s arrival.  They will specify a time frame, usually about 5 hours, for their arrival.

My schedule is very busy and I may not be available to wait for a driver, can they call me from the road just before they arrive?

You may request this service when the dispatcher or driver calls to make the arrangement for their arrival date. We cannot guarantee that drivers will be available to make a second call just before their arrival but they will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

If for any reason you feel that you can’t be available at the address given, we suggest you choose an alternative pick-up or delivery location where someone will be present during those hours.

If the drivers arrive and no one is available, can they wait?

Drivers may be able to wait with proper notification. Driver wait time is $120 per hour.

Can I pick a specific time and day for my shipment to be picked up and delivered?

Requesting a date of your choice for delivery is possible depending on your area. Extra fees may apply for special day requests and/or time arrivals. See our VIP Program and then check with one of our motorcycle shipping specialists.

Can the drivers pick up or deliver on the weekends or after I get off work?

Pick up and delivery service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Do you have a terminal where I can drop off or pick up my shipment?

We have over 44 Terminals across the US that can be used to drop-off or pick-up your shipment when pre-arranged.

This is free additional service and can provide more flexibility to help expedite your shipment.

If you would like to drop off or pick up your bike using our terminals you can make this request through our online booking form. Simply type the City, State, and Zip Code of the terminal into the address section when booking your shipment. List your own name and phone number as the contact so that we can communicate directly with you regarding pick up and drop off instructions. We do require 2 business days notice before dropping off at one of our terminals. For pick up, we recommend that you call the terminal prior to arrival.

Storage charges may apply if the shipment is left over 2 weeks.

Can the drivers handle the money exchange for a purchase or sale transaction?

Monetary transactions are best handled through PayPal or Escrow.com. The drivers do not handle funds.

This is my first purchase online? How can I be sure that the other party is honest?

Of course, nothing can be perfect, but our history of motorcycle transport has proven that online transactions are safe. Conducting yourself professionally throughout the transaction, using a secure method of payment transfer such as PayPal or Escrow.com and using an approved interstate carrier to transport your cycle, are the most important things to remember.

Can I give the keys and title to the driver along with the shipment?

The drivers cannot take responsibility for loose items such as these. We suggest a quicker, safer method such as FedEx.

Can I send my helmet and jacket with the bike?

Safe delivery of your vehicle is our top priority. You should send any additional items or parts, via UPS FedEx as they could damage your bike if placed on the skid.  You should send any additional item or parts items via UPS or  FedEx.

Can I pay the driver for the transportation fees when they arrive?

The drivers do not handle funds so payment must be made to Motorcycle Shippers when the order is placed. We don’t provide an option to pay COD, but we do accept all credit cards, PayPal or you may even mail payment prior to booking.

Do you offer dealer or multiple shipment discounts?

If you ship 2 or more vehicles at once, or one vehicle round trip, you are eligible for a discounted motorcycle moving rate. Your ATV moving rate is eligible for this discount as well. Ask your sales representative for details.

Are there any size restrictions?

Yes, there are some size restrictions. Please call us if you have additional questions.

Motorcycles: 108” 46”
ATV’s: 90” x 60”
Snowmobiles and Jet Skis: 128” x 48” – No trailers

Do the transport trucks handle only motorcycles or will there be other items in the truck?

Along with motorcycles, ATV’s, jet skis, snowmobiles and similar powersport products, there may be other high-value items in the trailer as well. By consolidating high-value items we are able to provide you with lower costs and faster service. We do not transport household good or common freight items.

Motorcycle Shippers designed the processes, hardware and training procedures for our shipping network, so your bike is handled professionally.

What will the truck look like? What documentation will the driver have?

The transport network we use consists of trucks that vary in color, most are white or brown or some variation of those colors. There are over 1100 of these trucks across the US, some on the road and some at the docking facilities, and of course, it would be a tall task to have them all painted the same.  The truck may not look like the few that we have shown on our site, but rest assured our service quality standards are still in place.

The driver will present you with documentation showing the physical address to which they were dispatched and the make and model of vehicle. A signature from an adult will be required.

How does your tracking system work?

Tracking information provided is current and being continually updated to reflect the last point of check-in by the truck. It does not constitute “Real Time” or “Satellite/GPS” positioning. We provide you with the most detailed status/location updates via this system. Shipments routinely stop at secure locations awaiting transfer for the fastest possible delivery. A shipment may “hold” at a particular location for several days. These stops are factored into the approximate date ranges provided when your order was placed. The date range shown on the tracking system can vary from the date range listed on your final invoice due to system updates. The date ranges established on your invoice are the targeted dates for your shipment. Please be assured that our goal is to deliver your shipment by the delivery date range provided on your invoice.

What do I need to do to prepare the vehicle for transport?

Read our checklist

Will my unit be covered for damage during transport? What does the valuation coverage pay for?

$7000 of Valuation Coverage is included with your shipment. Additional coverage can be purchased for $7.00 for every $1000 worth of coverage requested.  Any damage to your shipment should be noted on the documentation signed at delivery. Coverage is subject to our contract.

When using one of your terminals, how long can I leave my unit there?

You can store your unit at the terminal for up to two weeks after it arrives at no additional charge.

Do you offer round-trip shipping and is there a discount?

Yes, we offer round-trip shipping. You would simply book both of your shipments online separately and then our agents will apply a $50 discount to each shipment, $100 total discount before they charge your card.

How can I book my order online using one of your terminals?

If you would like to pick up or drop off your bike using our terminals you can make this request when using our online booking form. Simply type the City, State, and Zip Code of the terminal into the address section when booking your shipment. List your own phone number in the box so that we can communicate directly with you about pick up and drop off information.

Do you ship Trikes, Can-Am Spyders, Side-by-Sides, UTV's and other large units?

Trikes, Can-Am Spyders, Side-by-Sides, UTV’s, Motorcycles with Sidecars other large units are not listed in our shipping quote calculator as they are too large to fit the liftgates on the trucks that we use to transport Motorcycles and ATV’s.  These units are a better fit for an auto transporting company.

Do I need any special documentation to ship my motorcycle to Hawaii?

We don’t need any special documents to transport your bike by ground to the port in San Diego, or any city in the US for that matter. The transport provider for the move to Hawaii via boat does require additional documentation. You will need the title for the bike in order to move it from San Diego to Hawaii. In case there is a lien holder, you would need a letter from them authorizing the move of the bike to Hawaii.

Can I utilize a dealership as the origin or destination location?

Yes, and this is a common practice. Please make sure to coordinate your shipment with the dealership prior to placing the order with us. Additionally, please provide us with the VIN as the dealership normally requires us to provide the VIN when scheduling the pickup appointment.