The Pop-Up motorcycle crate is designed specifically to protect bikes during transport via expedited shipping methods.

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Pop-Up® Motorcycle Crate

We are currently out of stock and due to the post pandemic demand we may not have more inventory for some time. Updates will be posted here as they become available.

Lighter and less expensive than traditional wood crates, the Pop-Up extends increased protection. The steel construction safely secures the bike during transport and can be used over and over again. Great for do-it-yourself movers, collectors, racers, dealers, moving companies, touring companies, exporters, barge operators and trade show vendors.  It can be shipped, assembled and stored easily with a significant cost savings over traditional motorcycle crates.


  • 8 anchor points
  • (6) Soft Cinch® brand tie down straps included
  • Weighs in at 120 lbs. 1/3 the weight of most crates


  • Ships right to your door
  • Quick to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Assembled Size:pop up motorcycle crate not assembled 90" Long x 31" Wide x 50" Tall
  • Collapsed Size: 90" Long x 31" Wide x 9" Tallpop up motorcycle crate not assembled
  • Weight: 120lbs
Soft Cinch® straps: One-piece design for simple storage and use. The built-in, self-tightening loop allows you to access strategic attachment points to help reduce damage. This is an exclusive design to help keep your valuable bike safe. Transport with confidence.
Assembly tool: Used to tighten (12) bolts that hold the crate together.
  • Do-it-yourself Movers can safely secure their bike inside any freight truck
  • Collectors can buy and sell across the country
  • Racers can move their bike anywhere in the US affordably
  • Moving Companies use our crate to safely service your clients
  • Motorcycle Touring companies can safely move their bikes quickly to start the next ride
  • Exporters can pack and transport bikes quickly and safely
  • Barge Operators use our skids to secure their clients bikes during transit
  • Trade Show vendors can easily handle bike transport to and from shows

The Pop-Up motorcycle crate provides great protection for your motorcycle.  We designed this crating solution for riders who either need to ship their bike more quickly than our classic method and may need to ship their bike more often than most riders. Using this crate, a rider can use our “hot shot” trucks or a method of their own choice to safely pick up and deliver just about Customer Review of Motorcycle Shippersanywhere in the United States. Furthermore, our motorcycle crates are compliant with international transport requirements since they are made of steel instead of wood. The motorcycle Pop-Up crate can be used for shipments going to countries outside the US, by air or sea.  If you’re participating in a SMV Vacation , the crate can be shipped to any freight terminal and held for pick-up. When you arrive, you can unload your bike, hop on and ride away. Since the crate collapses to 9″ tall, it won’t take up valuable space. We can ship these crates to the contiguous US, or you can pick them up at our corporate location here in Fountain Valley, CA.



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    Pop Up Motorcycle Crate

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    Pop Up Motorcycle Crate Instructions