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Motorcycle Towing Service Near Me

BREAKING NEWS: Motorcycle Shippers’ Local Towing Service Goes [Live]

After nearly three decades of shipping motorcycles, Motorcycle Shippers has launched a local motorcycle towing service with a 100-mile range that requires NO MEMBERSHIP.  Membership towing services like AMA and AAA are great options to have but what if…

| You Don’t Have a Roadside Assistance Membership?

| You want to Have Your Motorcycle Towed More Than the Maximum Mileage Allowed by Your Membership?

| Your Motorcycle Hasn’t Suffered a Mechanical Breakdown as Required by Your Roadside Assistance Membership?

That’s where we can help you when you need it most. With over 8.6 million registered motorcycles in the United States(Insurance Institue for Highway Safety 2021) there is a huge need for motorcycle towing. It’s not surprising this local service is getting so much attention from within the industry and motorcycle owners alike.

If you are looking for an on-demand motorcycle towing in your city that doesn’t charge you a monthly fee then look no further. Motorcycle Shippers towing service is fast, reliable, and safe. These are licensed and trained tow truck drivers that know how to handle a motorcycle.

If you are looking for the most affordable Motorcycle Roadside Assistance program, you can start your own membership today. Stand with hundreds of thousands of riders who trust the AMA to protect their right to ride.

AMA Member Benefit Partner
We support the AMA because they support motorcycle riders, please join.

Why would I need this service?

New Bike Purchases: Imagine this, you’ve just purchased a new motorcycle from a dealer but it’s not quite ready for you to take home. Let’s say it needs to be uncrated and set up by the dealer. Rather than sitting at the dealership for hours, you now have the option of using this local motorcycle towing service to have the bike delivered to right to your door.  That is a level of service that currently isn’t being matched…and that’s just the beginning.

Maintenance: Cycles may be fast, but they can’t elude maintenance. That means it is vitally important to get your bike to the shop at regular intervals. Winterization, new tires, and tune-ups are just a few of the things that can have you doing laps back and forth to the dealership. We can help you make all this happen with your busy schedule.

Do you happen to own one of those motorcycles that have seen better days?  Does it need a little help getting back on the open road again? If a bike is inoperable or unsafe to ride just don’t do it. Over 11,000 accidents occur every year due to bald tires alone according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is best to avoid the risk and let the professionals get your bike to a qualified dealer for repairs. 

Breakdowns: It’s the last thing we want to think about before it happens, but being stuck on the side of the road is only made worse by poor preparation. It’s rare but sometimes your motorcycle needs a ride. If you don’t have current roadside tow membership, then save our website to your favorites or put our number in your phone so you can say you are prepared. Our service is available for simple one-time payment.

If you’re stranded on the road, having a tow truck nearby could make all the difference. Get yourself some quick service at and save yourself the hassle of calling around town trying to find someone willing to come out. After all, there are only 30,868 tow truck operators total in the United States and there are over 275 million registered vehicles ( 2023).

Who is this service for?

Riders: This service is for anyone who loves riding their motorcycle or wants to enjoy the freedom of riding without worrying about what happens when they need help moving their bike.  Ideal for those who don’t want the hassle of having to find a mechanic in the middle of nowhere when something breaks down on the road. That can be difficult after all, since there are only 10,329 of them in the US ( 2023).

Riders who buy and sell motorcycles in private party transactions use it as a logistics tool to move motorcycles quickly and easily. This motorcycle towing service is ideal for people who need to move bikes around town without breaking the bank.

Dealers:  The service is a fantastic resource for buyers and sellers of new and used motorcycles! If this is you, visit the website to find out if any of these local motorcycle towing services could help you deliver more motorcycles and create happy customers.

People who search Google for Motorcycle towing near me find this service to be exactly what they are looking for. They can be in New York or Texas, it doesn’t matter. This new local service can be found nationwide and is available to pick up your bike at your front door and haul it anywhere it needs to go within the 100-mile service area. Motorcycles are great fun, but sometimes they get stuck in places they don’t want to be. Our friendly staff will be glad to help you out. Call us right away if your bike gets stranded and you need to get it moved or go to our Instant Shipping Quote Calculator when you are ready.


What makes this service different?

The biggest difference between this service and others is the fact that it’s available without a membership and provides local motorcycle towing services no matter why you need it.  There is no monthly fee and no hidden fees. If you would like to learn more about how this service works, check out our Motorcycle towing service near me video.

As mentioned earlier this service does have a 100-mile range. If you live outside of the 100-mile radius, don’t worry. We can still handle your move because Motorcycle Shipper’s can help deliver your motorcycle almost any distance, anywhere in the country with our nationwide plan.

We know what motorcycle enthusiasts want in a tow truck company. That’s why we’ve created our Local Motorcycle Tow Service program. Our Motorcycle Tow Service program offers motorcycle owners peace of mind by providing fast, reliable, safe, and courteous motorcycle towing service.

When you’re looking for a tow truck company that knows motorcyclists as you do, look no further than us. Our services are designed specifically for riders who would rather be riding their bike than dealing with transport issues. These services have been forged through high-quality customer experiences and feature innovative transport systems. They’re also backed by an A rating with the BBB.

How does it work

The process is simple. Click here to use the Instant Shipping Quote Calculator and enter your motorcycle information along with pick up and delivery addresses. You will see your actual price and you can start the transport process in just minutes.

Customers attribute convenience and friendly representatives as reasons for choosing Motorcycle Shippers’ local towing service. Although it is extremely easy to get a quote and book online many find it more agreeable to speak to someone on the phone. This service is meant to be used by motorcycle owners and dealers who want professionals to move a motorcycle safely.

Motorcycle Shippers can be reached at 1-800-730-3151. Just tell them where you are located and what type of vehicle you need to be moved. The representative will then send an email with all the details including the estimated cost. Once you approve the price, the tow truck driver will be scheduled. They will bring the motorcycle to your location and drop off the keys. It’s that easy!

You’ll always speak directly to a friendly representative. So whether you need towing services or just want to ask about our rates, just give us a call.

The other option which is really quick and convenient is to go straight to, get a quote, and book your motorcycle tow in real-time.

We specialize in motorcycle shipping and our company has over 20 years of experience in providing safe, reliable transportation solutions for motorcycles and other vehicles.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service, so if you have any feedback about our website, please send us a message. We want to make sure that you get the best experience possible from using our site. Thank you for visiting, we hope it was informative and helpful.