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Dream rides don’t plan themselves.

Fall is that unique time of year when the Summer heat has cooled and the cold Winter temperatures have not yet set in. These are optimal adventure riding conditions and with some rain sprinkled in for good measure, it doesn’t get any better. Most of us will make our way out to the local trails that we know and love but a select few true adventurers will fully commit to the riding vacation of a life time. Will that be...learn more

Veterans Riding Motorcycles for Therapy

Veterans who Ride

In the last few years, researchers and psychologists have looked beyond motorcycle riding as purely an adrenaline kick. They’ve discovered that motorcyclists find riding to be a therapeutic process that allows them to de-stress. This process is especially important for veterans of our armed services who have returned home to civilian lives while still dealing with some of the tragic events that they witnessed overseas. Many veterans are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – a disorder that can...learn more

The Family Value of Motorcycle Riding

Family Off-road riding

Off-road riding can be more than a good time, it can be a family building experience. For motorcycle enthusiasts, teaching young ones how to ride is an important skill to develop. It is also a great life experience to pass on. In the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, Patti Freeman and Ramon Zabriskie wrote “Several studies have indicated a positive correlation between strong, successful families and family participation in outdoor recreational activities.” Your family can be large or...learn more

2016 Daytona Bike Week Mar. 4-13, 2016

Bike week in Daytona Beach, FL

Every year, bike week events draw large crowds from all over the world. Daytona Bike Week is no different. It’s been a tradition for many families and riders for generations as one of the oldest bike weeks around. Since 1937, Daytona Bike Week has stood strong, attracting more people every year. 2016 will mark its 75th anniversary. Hundreds of thousands of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts show up year after year to peruse vendors, new equipment and bikes, make new friends,...learn more

The 2016 Supercross Season

Supercross Stadium

The Final 2016 Supercross Schedule The Supercross Seasons kicked off on January 9th at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, making its way from the west coast to the east. 17 events totaling 17 weeks, the season will conclude its grand finale on May 7 at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. Supercross fans watch their favorite riders and anticipate who will be crowned our 2016 Champion in Las Vegas. Here is the entire 2016 Supercross Schedule according to AMASupercross.com:...learn more

Health Benefits Related to Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle Riders Helmet

Chances are you’ve heard how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle. How you are just risking your life being on your bike and you must have a death wish. More often than not, riding a bike is safe. It requires you to be extra attentive and aware of your surroundings. You have to think more, but you are still able to relax and enjoy the ride. Whether you’re going to the grocery store two blocks away or driving through...learn more

Motorcycle Shippers Ride-In-Ride Out Service

Motorcycle Viewed from Behind

IN BRIEF: Motorcycle Shippers, which has transported more than 70,000 bikes around the world in 21 years, now offers no-hassle, ride-in-ride-out service at 35 U.S. locations that is five days faster than standard service–and even comes with a $100 discount.          Media Contact: Eric Putter       Eric@PutterPowerMedia.com Direct: 949-279-0909   Motorcycle Shippers Offers No-Hassle Ride-In-Ride-Out Service at 35 U.S. Locations   IRVINE, Calif. (November 18, 2015) — Motorcycle Shippers, which has transported more than 70,000 bikes around...learn more

Electric Motorcycles Are Gaining Popularity

Zero Electric Police Motorcycle

Ridden by Law Enforcement Electric bikes are gaining popularity. In fact over 50 law enforcement agencies have employed one or more of the trio of electric bikes made by Zero. These bikes have gained a positive response from sworn officers and the communities they serve. Each bike creates its own tactical advantage for officers and is equipped with added extras and necessities such as emergency lights and sirens, storage options for gear, emergency medical equipment and other safety components. Environmental...learn more

Should lane splitting be illegal

Lane Splitting

Should Lane Splitting Be Illegal in California? There is much heated debate surrounding motorcycle splitting in California. In California, lane splitting isn’t explicitly permitted – the rules have always been murky; however, it may be outlawed soon. For many, it’s unnerving, annoying, and downright dangerous. Lane splitting is illegal in every state but the Golden State. What is Lane Splitting? Lane splitting is an accepted traffic practice many riders use. It is the act of riding a motorcycle between two...learn more

Enjoy the Annual Lone Star Motorcycle Rally

Lone Star Rally in 2015

The “Legendary American” Lone Star Rally is held every year in Texas, and brings together thousands of motorcycle lovers from across the country. Known as “North America’s largest weekend rally” the rally has plenty to offer everyone of all ages. When The motorcycle rally will kick off on Thursday, November 5, 2015 and conclude on Sunday, November 8, making it a fun filled four-day rally. It gets better and better every year. Where The main rally will be at 19th...learn more

Give to Charity with the Annual Love Ride Motorcycle Rally

Love Ride Motorcycle Rally 2015

The annual Love Ride, a charitable motorcycle rally, is celebrating its 32nd and final year on October 18th. The world’s largest and longest running motorcycle event is going out with a bang. The Love Ride’s motto is “Load up the gear, kick back with a beer and let the weekend roll in.” You can enjoy a weekend filled with great entertainment, food, and, of course, motorcycles. This year the rally hopes to raise 24 million for The Wounded Warrior Project....learn more


Street motorcycles making a turn

Motorcycle Shippers named “PREFERRED TRANSPORTER” for Ebay Motors Providing white-glove motorcycle shipping service! IRVINE, Calif. (June 17, 2008) – Motorcycle Shippers recently announced their association with eBay motors as a preferred transporter, providing eBay customers with extra piece of mind when they are moving a motorcycle or ATV. Motorcycle Shippers has successfully transported more than 35,000 motorcycles safely and securely to their destination while offering top-notch customer service. The company is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, so...learn more

When drivers go above and beyond

John the transport driver

At motorcycle shippers we strive to work with the best drivers in the country. Great service is important and finding drivers with a strong moral compass is what drives our company’s success. That is why we are excited to share a story about John with you. John is one of our flag ship drivers and he consistently provides white glove service to our customers. Most recently he was heading to an event between Denver and Sturgis when he came upon...learn more

Shipping your Motorcycle to Hawaii

Motorcycle Riding in Hawaii

Shipping your Motorcycle to Hawaii: Not long ago, shipping your motorcycle to Hawaii was a complicated and stressful undertaking. It was easier to ship your entire household to the islands than just a single motorcycle. First you had to find a reputable carrier to transport your bike to the coast. Next, find a carrier to crate and ship your bike to the islands. Motorcycle Shippers has taken the hassle out of Hawaii motorcycle transport and is now your one stop...learn more


Two Couples on Parked Motorcycles

5 Things to know when selling your bike online: Selling a motorcycle online can help you fetch a fair market price. Online transactions are generally safe and we want to help keep it that way. We get real-time feedback from thousands of sellers every year and thought we would pass some tips on to help you. As bikers ourselves we have certainly bought and sold a few bikes on our own, so we believe that following certain guidelines can be...learn more

Good Deal

Riding Down the Highway

Getting a Good Deal On a Motorcycle Shipment: With the ease of purchasing a motorcycle on the internet today, you may find yourself searching for a way move a motorcycle from miles away. Or maybe you want to enjoy the Sturgis Rally on your bike without riding a thousand miles or more to get there and need a the best motorcycle shipping costs. Either way, hiring the services of a company that can transport motorcycles quickly and afford-ably is a...learn more

Shipping checklist

Motorcycle Shipping Checklist

Vehicle Shipping Checklists: Motorcycle & ATV Checklist Print Checklist The maximum size for a motorcycle move is 108″ long and 46″ wide. ATV limits are 90″ long and 60 ” wide. If you unit it larger than these measurements please call us at (800) 730-3151. In order to move a motorcycle, the steering needs to be unlocked and the keys removed. We suggest you send the keys and/or paperwork via FedEx. The battery must be secure and the battery cables...learn more

Safe buying and selling

Female rider giving thumbs up

Besides being so convenient, online motorcycle purchasing is also a great way to find a Good Deal. Managing your purchase correctly is important. Although most buyers and sellers are honest, occasionally an unscrupulous person will exploit the internet to commit fraud. Tips for Buyers: 1) If the advertised price looks too good to be true, then the offer may not be real. You can find good deals out there, but motorcycles don’t just ‘happen’ to be advertised thousands of dollars...learn more

Motorcycle transport service

Motorcycle Transport Truck

Motorcycle Transport Services – Easier than you thought: Don’t you ever want to fly home and go for a ride with your old buddies? Wouldn’t it be fun to go see your son or daughter and do some riding while you’re there? At the risk of sounding cliché we at Motorcycle Shippers says “seize the moment” and get away for a while. It may sound complicated shipping your motorcycle across the country, but we have it all worked out for...learn more

New motorcycle products

Motorcycle Products

Top 6 New Tech-Forward Motorcycle Gadgets: Every year we see new innovative products introduced to the motorcycle community that make riding safer and generally just a more enjoyable experience. When we sat down to discuss what new innovations were sufficiently exciting enough to include in this article, we could have easily turned this into a list of the top 25. We settled on the top six and rationalized that offering our customers more product information rather than less was the...learn more

Motorcycle season

Motorcycle riding on open road

Tis the Season to be Riding: Spring has sprung! Your bike has been parked for months and now it’s time to fire it up and ride. Whoa! Slow down friend. Is your bike up to it? How about your gear? “Time” can have detrimental effects and we want you to enjoy your first ride to the fullest so we suggest you take a little “time” to give your baby the once over. Fluids A good place to start is the...learn more

Motorcycle rallies

Rider leaning into a turn

Rally Time A motorcycle rally is a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts. Some rallies are ride-in events; some are like the Iron Butt Rally with days of riding followed by a gathering at the end of the ride. A few of the more famous rallies are the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Laconia Motorcycle Week, Daytona Beach Bike Week and Biketoberfest are just a few. There are hundreds, if not thousands of smaller, regional rallies around the United States, including the annual BMW...learn more

Motorcycle Shipping

Picking up a motorcycle at our customers residence

Motorcycle Shipping – How we do it What’s the best way to ship my bike? How do I find a reliable motorcycle shipper? What do I look for and what should I ask about? Choosing the right motorcycle shipping company may seem like a daunting task but it’s not as hard as you might think. Ask any of your rider friends if they have ever had to ship a bike and who did they use? Check out the different motorcycle...learn more

Buying a used motorcycle

Used motorcycles parked

Checklist for Buying a Used Motorcycle Buying a used bike can seem like an overwhelming experience to a first time buyer. What do I look for? What do I need to ask? How do I know I’m not buying a lemon? At Motorcycle Shippers we deal with buyers and sellers everyday, and background in the motorcycle industry makes us more knowledgeable than most when it comes to choosing a good deal on a used bike. The following will touch on...learn more

Daytona bike week shipping

Smiling Biker

2015 Daytona Bike Week Shipping We ship motorcycles for manufacturers, magazines, dealerships and enthusiast to bike week every year. Do you need to ship your motorcycle to bike week? Daytona Beach Bike week shipping is secure and easy. Whether you are a vendor shipping your precious show bikes, or an avid motorcyclist who is flying and needs to get a bike there in a timely and safe manner, our bike week shipping service is just what you’re looking for. The...learn more