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Powersports Businesses, Our Motorcycle Freight Shipping is the Solution

Shipping Electric Motorcycles

For years, motorcycle industry headlines have been dominated by stories about declining ridership. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic. Seemingly overnight, powersports sales hit a three-year high. Dealerships and repair shops also experienced record months, fueled by consumer demand for “transportainment”—vehicles that are both utilitarian and a lot of fun. This influx of new riders is also bringing new manufacturers into the market, many of which are laser-focused on the fast-growing electric motorcycle space.

More riders. More manufacturers. More electric motorcycle options. For the industry, this is all good news. But as new manufacturers enter the space, carve out market share and secure orders, they face their next key challenge: shipping motorcycles to their customers. With our low-cost freight services, powersports manufacturers can transport motorcycles quickly and affordably to dealers and customers—helping more new riders experience the thrill of the ride.

How powersports manufacturers are saving time and money with our motorcycle freight shipping solution

Motorcycle Freight Shipping for the Powersports Business
Freight Shipping for the Powersports Industry

For years, Less than Truck Load (LTL) freight has been the go-to shipping choice for powersports manufacturers that need to transport less than a full container’s worth of motorcycles. But if you’ve ever used an LTL freight shipping service before, you already know that the complex logistics can sometimes overshadow the cost savings. For new manufacturers—especially ones that need to ship electric motorcycles—the learning curve is even more steep. Here’s the bottom line: It’s not always as simple as choosing a basic LTL freight shipping. You need the right partner to reap the full benefits.

Motorcycle Shippers knows the ins and outs of transporting motorcycles. We have the robust nationwide network required to ship motorcycles efficiently and the specialized expertise to ensure they reach their destination safely. With our specialty motorcycle freight service, we’re leveraging all that knowledge to help manufacturers ship their motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and other vehicles for less.

How does our end-to-end motorcycle freight service work?

Let’s use our newest powersports manufacturer client as an example. Our client needed to ship their scooters across the U.S. quickly, at a price that would allow it to maintain profitability. It didn’t have enough scooters to fill an entire container, so they already knew that LTL freight was likely its best option. However, finding a viable solution was easier said than done. After spending countless hours coordinating logistics, the company still lacked an affordable way to transport its leased scooters. It came to Motorcycle Shippers seeking a cost-effective, end-to-end omnichannel fulfillment solution.

  1. We started by developing a custom flat rate quote based on the manufacturer’s exact requirements. We stripped away the headaches of coordinating with carriers.
  2. We helped our client understand how to properly package each delivery to include the accessories included with each unit.
  3. A “living document” with custom order and tracking attributes was created to organize the shipments and share between both their team and ours.
  4. We assigned a dedicated shipping specialist on our team to work hand-in-hand with their entire team with a focus on simplifying the order process to maintain accuracy and expediency.
  5. We provided full tracking to keep the manufacturer informed every step of the way—right through to our on-time delivery.

From quote to final delivery, our freight service stripped away all the headaches and extra costs of shipping scooters nationwide. The result? Our manufacturer client finally has an economically viable way to transport its products from the warehouse to customers across the country. That’s good for the company, and it’s good for riders.

The value of specialized freight shipping for motorcycle manufacturers

Motorcycle Freight Shipping Vehicle Inspection
Motorcycle Shipping Inspection Checklist

Like our manufacturer client, more companies in the motorcycle industry are adopting freight shipping services to streamline the journey from warehouse to customer. We designed our low-cost shipping service to meet the unique needs of powersports manufacturers—opening the door to faster deliveries, lower costs and enhanced efficiency.

  • Reduce Costs: Save money by only paying for the part of the truck that your motorcycles occupy and use the most expansive motorcycle network available today.
  • Leave the Logistics to Us: Get all the benefits of LTL freight shipping, without all the messy logistics. Once you work with our team to develop your custom quote, we’ll have everything we need to get your cargo to its destination.
  • Navigate Electric Motorcycle Requirements: Shipping electric motorcycle components can be challenging. Let our experts navigate all the fine details so that you can focus on other important tasks.
  • Easily Track Every Shipment: Let us build a custom tracking solution to help you keep track of all your packages in one convenient location.
  • Get Motorcycles to Customers Faster: Use our proven network to transport motorcycles to your customers quickly. Transport time ranges from 1-7 business days. With our door-to-door service and locked-in pricing, your motorcycles can delivered directly to your customer without added fees.
  • Get the Right Coverage: Motorcycle Shippers offers deductible-free valuation coverage to protect your freight. Our team will work with you to ensure your motorcycle has adequate coverage before shipment.

How we calculate your freight shipping costs

Nothing is more frustrating than having your shipping quote increase unexpectedly. That’s why our team has developed a custom quote tool for motorcycle freight transport. By gathering all the key information about your shipment upfront, we can provide a “no surprises” rate—avoiding last-minute surcharges and unforeseen fees that impact your business’s bottom line.

When calculating your custom LTL freight shipping quote, we take into account numerous factors, including:

  1. Shipping distance
  2. Shipment size and weight
  3. Location type (Business or Residential)
  4. Loading abilities (Dock or Liftgate needed)
  5. Valuation coverage requirements

Once you decide to move forward with your quote, our team handles every detail—letting you focus on key manufacturing tasks, not shipping logistics.

Let’s talk about your LTL freight shipping needs

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As you increase your presence in the motorcycle market, it’s essential to find a transportation service that meets the needs of both your customers and your bottom line. We’re here to help both new and established manufacturers ship their motorcycles safely, affordably and efficiently across the U.S. Whether you need to transport electric motorcycles, ATVs, scooters or electric bicycles, we put our specialized expertise and strong shipping network to work for you.

How would a more cost-effective, hassle-free shipping solution impact your business? Let’s talk about your current strategy and see how our specialty freight service can help you succeed. Call us today at (800) 730-3151 or get a quote now by clicking below to our new service.