Electric motorcycles are becoming part of the riding community

Electric Motorcycles Are Gaining Popularity

Fun transport motorcycles

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Electric motorcycles are really fun transport motorcycles, and they are gaining popularity. Not only are they quick and nimble on the road, they are a hip topic.  Fun to ride and fun talk about.  They are green and fit in with our current culture.

Ridden by Law Enforcement

In fact over 50 law enforcement agencies have employed one or more of the trio of electric bikes made by Zero. These bikes have gained a positive response from sworn officers and the communities they serve.

Each bike creates its own tactical advantage for officers. Many are equipped with added extras and necessities such as emergency lights and sirens, storage options for gear, emergency medical equipment and other safety components.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the best aspects of these fun transport motorcycles is the small carbon footprint that they leave. Each bike is powered by electricity and can be charged for much less than the price of a gallon of gas. In a world where the health of the environment has become a growing concern, using electric vehicles and motorcycles is a great way to reduce our negative impact on the earth. In conclusion, they conserve energy from precious sources like gasoline and oil.

Sworn officers that patrol national parks are using electric motorcycles to help promote environmental sustainability with these low-impact bikes.

Provide Quietness for Stealth Patrolling

Since implementing these quiet electric bikes, communities have praised how quiet their cities have become. No more loud bikes from patrolling officers. Overall, this is especially helpful for those patrolling parks that do not want to disturb wildlife or announce their presence when approaching a crime scene.

Sworn officers have found that these quiet rides add an element of stealthiness to their patrolling duties which is one of the reasons traffic patrol teams have found them so useful.

Cost Effective

Unlike most gas powered motorcycles, these new “fun transport”motorcycles designed by Zero can be charged for less than 50 cents. This is significant cost savings compared to paying for gallons of gasoline with traditional motorcycles. Each year, gas prices rise, especially in populated areas with high demand like Los Angeles. The LAPD employed these bikes over a year ago and has seen how amazing these bikes can be for the department’s budget.

Over 50 law enforcement agencies have joined the LAPD to use less gas and spend less on government vehicles. As an added bonus, maintenance costs are low and easy, and repairs are almost non-existent for power trains.

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