Motorcycle Shipping to Hawaii

Shipping your Motorcycle to Hawaii

Motorcycle Riding in Hawaii

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Clint Lawrence

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Shipping your Motorcycle to Hawaii:

Not long ago, shipping your motorcycle to Hawaii was a complicated and stressful undertaking. It was easier to ship your entire household to the islands than just a single motorcycle. First you had to find a reputable carrier to transport your bike to the coast. Next, find a carrier to crate and ship your bike to the islands. Motorcycle Shippers has taken the hassle out of Hawaii motorcycle transport and is now your one stop shop. We offer door to port service from anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. Motorcycle Shippers provides Hawaii motorcycle shipping at affordable rates. The quickest motorcycle shipping to Hawaii is provided through a network of over 1100 trucks and a Hawaii-dedicated transport vessel.

You’re probably thinking “I’ve never shipped a bike to Hawaii before, what do I need to know?”.

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

1) How do I know that Motorcycle Shippers is the right company for me? Motorcycle Shippers is the premier motorcycle shipper with distribution centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, we are licensed by the FMSCA and getting positive customer reviews is our top priority. Visit the customer feedback page on our website to read testimonials from our satisfied customers.

2) Where do I have to take my bike to start the process? Motorcycle Shippers offers door to port service. We will pick up your bike right at your front door. You can view our Hawaii motorcycle shipping page to see how we do it.

3) How do I prepare the bike for transport? Do I need to drain the fluids? No worries. With Motorcycle Shippers there is no need to drain the fuel, oil or disconnect the battery. Simply unlock the steering and the bike is ready to go.

4) I’m all thumbs. Do I have to build a shipping crate? No. You unlocked the steering right? You’ve done all the prep work you need to. Motorcycle Shippers friendly drivers will bring a state of the art shipping skid to the pickup location. Your dream machine will be loaded onto the skid and secured from all four corners with soft tie downs. The skid and bike is then loaded, secured and transported to a shipping port in Southern California in one of our Air-Ride trailers.

5) How will I know the condition of my bike before it is shipped? A pre-load inspection will be performed before the drivers begin to load your bike. The bike is re-inspected at terminal locations during transport to the mainland and a final inspection is performed at the port before the bike sails. A condition report is signed by the person at the pickup location and at the port before the bike loads on the ship. A new condition report is filled out by the ship line and signed by our driver when the bike is handed off at the ship line. These reports will be presented to you when you receive your bike. You also have the added security of $7000.00 valuation coverage with zero deductible. This coverage is automatically included with every JC Motors shipment. Motorcycle Shippers can provide additional coverage if desired.

6) How will my bike be transported over the ocean? Once your bike arrives at our ocean terminal, it will be removed from the shipping skid it was trucked on and loaded on a special steel skid that secures below decks protected from the weather and harsh ocean elements. Motorcycles will have minimum of 4 front straps and 2 rear straps. Strapping inspections are double and triple checked before, during and after movement to the ship. Our ocean service is Bi-weekly and transit time from Southern California to Hawaii is 4 days after departure from port.

7) What documents will I need to present to the shipper? No documentation will be needed by the truck drivers. However, you will need to present the ocean carrier with a copy of the title prior to loading on the vessel. This can be done via fax or email. You will receive an email “notice of arrival” when you bike arrives in Hawaii. You will need to bring a copy of this notice along with photo I.D. when picking up your bike. (Please note. A notarized letter of authorization will be required if anyone other than the person named on the shipping documents will be picking up your bike.

How do I get started?

We’ve made shipping your bike to Hawaii as easy as a phone call. We’ll ask you for the details of your bike. (year, make model etc.) We’ll need contact names, address and phone numbers for the pickup and a name, phone number and email address so that we can notify you when your bike arrives. That’s it! We can book your bike from the door to the port in as little as ten minutes. Call us today for an immediate quote right over the phone and find out why Motorcycle Shippers has been the shipping choice of thousands of satisfied customers.