This checklist will help you prepare you r motorcycle, snowmobile or jetski

Shipping Checklist

Motorcycle Shipping Checklist


Shipping Checklist

For Motorcycles & ATVs:

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The unit must be ready for pick up when the order is reserved unless a delayed pick up has been requested. If you are purchasing the unit, this means that all fees should be paid and the origin must be agreeable to release the unit to our driver.

The maximum size for a motorcycle move is 108″ long and 46″ wide. ATV limits are 90″ long and 60 ” wide. If your unit is larger than these measurements please call us at (800) 730-3151.

In order to move a motorcycle, the steering needs to be unlocked and the keys removed. We suggest you send the keys and/or paperwork via FedEx.

All loose items or removable items should be removed prior to your motorcycle move. Please empty saddle bags, glove boxes, etc. These items are not included in the valuation coverage.

Both the pick-up and drop-off locations must be tractor-trailer accessible. An 80-foot-long truck must be able to maneuver to and from each address.

Someone must be available at the locations you have chosen for pick up and delivery during the hours of 8-5 Monday through Friday. The contact phone numbers for those persons should be direct lines. Cell phones are usually the best.

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