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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Shipping & Towing

We have moved thousands of bikes in Pennsylvania alone. Trust your bike with the experts!

Motorcycle Shippers has helped power-sports enthusiasts across the US, since 1994. We have done thousands of deliveries to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Reading, and Scranton, but we also deliver to Altoona, Fountain Hill, Hershey, Somerset, Aliquippa, and anywhere else you need shipping or towing in Pennsylvania. We have trucks near you, we are always around and local.

We have 2 terminals to help service you quickly!

Freedom and Telford are all homes for our motorcycle shipping terminals. These locations help us dispatch trucks quickly anywhere in the state. Our fully-enclosed, air-ride trucks will deliver your bike right to your door for the ultimate convenience. But if you choose, you can even use these terminals to drop off or pick up your motorcycle on your own schedule. This option may help to expedite your shipment! Call us to discuss all the options.

Here are a few words from one of our happy Pennsylvania customers:

This team is very knowledgeable and great service. Would definitely work with them again. Highly Recommended. Thank you!

Jimmy C.
Lancaster, PA


We can move your bike from Pennsylvania to just about anywhere

We can also move bikes from all other states into Pennsylvania. Let’s say you find a new bike online but it’s just too far away to drive. You love the bike, it’s a good deal and you are ready to buy, but you just don’t want to make the trip. A plane ticket can cost hundreds of dollars and you would still have to ride the bike back to The Keystone State. The plane ticket alone could cost more that the fees we would charge to ship the bike conveniently right to your door.
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