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California Motorcycle Shipping & Towing

We have moved thousands of bikes around in our home state of California alone. Trust your bike with the experts.

Motorcycle Shippers has helped local power-sports enthusiasts and riders across the US, since 1994. We have done thousands of deliveries to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco but we also deliver to Fresno, Irvine, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Ontario, Oakland or anywhere else you need shipping in California. We also offer local California Motorcycle Towing services.

We have 4 terminals to help service you quickly and even save you money!

Poway, Milpitas, Anaheim and W. Sacramento are all homes to our motorcycle shipping terminals. These locations help up dispatch trucks quickly anywhere in the Golden state. With these locations we can happily service customers from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Long Beach, Sacramento, Oakland or any other city in the state. Fully-enclosed, air-ride trucks will be used to deliver your bike right to your door for the ultimate convenience. But if you choose, you can even use these local terminals to drop off or pick up your motorcycle on your own schedule. Motorcycle towing services in California are coming soon.


Here’s a few words from one of our happy California customers:

Extremely Trustworthy! White Glove Service
Shipping a motorcycle across several states can be a nerve-wracking experience. When I acquired a vintage motorcycle several states away from where I lived at the time, and needed a way to make sure the bike arrived safely and without damage, Motorcycle Shippers won my trust. Not only was their customer service top-notch, but I really felt that they understood and could relate to my concerns. I was surprised and relieved at how smoothly the transaction went, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to safely transport their motorcycle. Of course, transporting a bike is not nearly as much fun as riding it to your destination, but when you’re in a pinch let Motorcycle Shippers be your “go to” transport service. They did a fantastic job communicating with me, answering my questions, and were extremely courteous at both pickup and delivery.

Teri Conrad
Irvine, California


We can move your bike from California to just about anywhere

California Motorcycle Shipping means we move bikes from all other states into California and from California to any other states in the contiguous United States. Let’s say you find a new bike online but it’s just too far away to drive. You love the bike, it’s a good deal and you are ready to buy, but you just don’t want to make the trip. A plane ticket can cost hundreds of dollars and you would still have to ride the bike home. The plane ticket alone could cost more than the fees we would charge to ship the bike conveniently right to your door. Local pickups are available as well with our new motorcycle towing service starting in 2022.

Customer Receiving Residential Service

Motorcycles on Skids in Front of Transport Truck