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2024 Moving Guide – How Customers Are Transporting Large Items with Motorcycle Shippers

2021 Freight Shipping Guide for Large Items

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Clint Lawrence

Clint Lawrence, founder of Motorcycle Shippers. Helping give riders more freedom to enjoy the bikes they love. [email protected]


Moving to a new home might not be easy, but finding moving help certainly is. A quick Google search will pull up thousands of companies that will come out, pack your entire household into one truck or container and ship it all to your destination. But what if you only need to move a single item? And what if that one item just so happens to be large, fragile, expensive or all of the above? That’s exactly the challenge that many customers are facing when they reach out to our team.

Read on for a few stories from Motorcycle Shippers customers who needed to transport something other than a motorcycle, two-wheeler or electric bike. We love their resourcefulness and, most of all, we love being able to help them ship their specialty item safely from Point A to Point B. From go-karts and lawnmowers to Peloton exercise bikes and motorized wheelchairs, we’re ready to transport your large single items with the same care as we give to motorcycles. In fact, the demand grew so much that we created a website that provides instant quotes for moving these larger items.

The Challenge: “How do I ship a go-kart?”

We Ship Go-Karts
We Ship Go-Karts | 2023 Freight Shipping Guide

A few months ago, our longtime customer Joe called with a simple request: “How do I ship a go-kart?” It’s a question shared by many people, which you can see simply by the sheer volume of chat rooms and Reddit forums devoted to the topic. When Joe’s online search didn’t produce a viable solution, he got creative. He had used Motorcycle Shippers in the past to transport ATVs, which are similar in size and shape to his go-kart. He gave us a call and worked with Danny from the Motorcycle Shippers team, who gave him the good news: Not only could we ship his go-kart, but we could give him a quote on the spot.

Joe is a savvy shopper, so he sought out a few other options after we emailed him his quote. Motorcycle Shippers was the most affordable option for shipping Joe’s go-kart, so he placed the order with us later that day. The rest is history: His go-kart arrived safely 3 days later—just like the ATVs he had shipped with us in the past.

The Solution: Need to ship a go-kart? We can make it happen. Check out our latest website with a focus on helping you move large items easily (and give you a “no surprises” quote on the spot).


The Challenge: “I need to ship a lawnmower.”

We Ship Riding Lawn Mowers
Riding Lawn Mower Freight Shipping

When Kevin found a great deal on a John Deere riding lawnmower, he was thrilled. Nothing runs like a Deere, and he couldn’t wait to use his new mower. But then, the reality set in: The logistics were going to be difficult. The Deere was located too far away for the seller to deliver it, and Kevin didn’t have a pickup truck or friends who could help him out. What he did have, though, was resourcefulness. He began searching for transport companies that specialized in

ATVs and Quads, which he thought looked a bit like his lawnmower. This led him to Motorcycle Shippers. We’re the experts in those types of moves, and his hunch was that we could transport his Deere just like we ship ATVs and Quads.

Kevin’s hunch was right. After talking with our team, we determined that his John Deere mower fit perfectly on our lift gates and inside the trucks we use. We came up with a special rate and shipped the lawnmower directly to Kevin’s door.

The Solution: Wondering how to ship a lawnmower? Let’s talk. Give us a call so that we can get the specs of your mower and help you transport it for a good price. Or get an instant quote here.


The Challenge: “How can I ship a Peloton exercise bike cross-country?”

We Ship Stationary Bikes
Peloton Freight Shipping Solution

This is one of our favorite customer stories. A couple of weeks ago, Alayna called us from Colorado with a real predicament: finding an affordable shipping option for her Peloton exercise bike. Quotes from other companies had come in at upwards of $1,300, and she wasn’t thrilled with that price or the level of service that came with it. Her mind quickly went to motorcycles, which are large, fragile and expensive—just like her Peloton. Because our drivers are used to handling similar freight, we were able to provide a proven solution. The result? Her Peloton was transported from Colorado to Georgia faster, more safely and at a much lower cost than quoted by other freight moving companies.

The Solution: If you need to ship a Peloton or other exercise bike, we can help. Check our website dedicated to shipping items like exercise equipment so that we can provide a custom quote—and peace of mind that your item will arrive safely to its


The Challenge: “What’s the easiest way to ship a motorized wheelchair?”

We ship electric wheelchairs
Electric Wheelchair Shipping Guide

Helping people simply feels good. And because we ship items that most companies can’t move, we tend to get many requests from people who truly need our assistance. Maybe it’s because we support Veterans organizations like Combat Saver and the Charity Ride to Sturgis; but whatever the reason, we receive many calls from folks who need help shipping motorized wheelchairs. We’re thankful to be able to provide them with a cost-effective solution.

Services like UPS, DHL and FedEx do ship motorized wheelchairs, but in those cases your cargo simply goes inside a box. Our specialty transport system will keep your wheelchair safe and secure so that it arrives in the same condition as when you shipped it, no matter what Mother Nature throws its way.

The Solution: If you need to ship a motorized wheelchair, please get in touch. Our system can be used to transport wheelchairs with the care they deserve.

We’re always amazed at our customers’ creativity and resourcefulness when they need to ship large items that are expensive and difficult to package. As experts in shipping motorcycles, we know what it takes to transport these types of items quickly, safely and affordably. Do you need to ship a lawnmower or go-kart? Are you finding it difficult to transport your motorized wheelchair or Peloton bike? No matter what type of large, specialty item you need to transport we have a solution. In fact, we even created a website to handle the entire process,