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Shipping a dirt bike in an enclosed trailer

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Maybe you’ve just purchased a new dirt bike from a dealership or private seller in a different state. Or maybe you want to take a destination ride halfway across the country—or even outside the continental U.S. In all these scenarios, you need to ship your dirt bike safely from Point A to Point B. But how much does that cost, and what should you expect from the process?

At Motorcycle Shippers, we know motorcycles. But we’re also experts at helping our customers ship a variety of vehicles: electric bicycles and mountain bikes, electric motorcycles, dirt bikes, and beyond. To help guide you through the process, we’re answering the dirt bike shipping questions we hear most often from riders. Read on for more information on transporting your ride locally, domestically, and internationally.

2021 Husqvarna FC-450
2023 Husqvarna FC-450 – Bring it home

How much does it cost to ship a dirt bike?

Dirt bike shipping costs can range from $35 for a local move to more than $3,000 if your destination is outside the U.S. However, your total cost will depend on shipping distance, delivery address, the size of your dirt bike, gas prices, the shipping method you choose, and other factors. It’s also important to educate yourself about hidden fees.

Shipping Type Distance Cost Consideration
Local Under 150 miles $35 to $275 Roadside assistance companies will move your dirt bike for free up to 35 miles
Domestic Up to 3,500 miles $375 to $950 Type of bike, packaging, transportation method and delivery address all impact cost
International 3,500 miles or more $900 to $3,500 Consult a specialty shipping company for this service

Local Dirt Bike Shipping Costs

If you need to ship your dirt bike a short distance under 150 miles, the price can range from $35 to $275. For local moves, consider companies like AMA Roadside Assistance. Its annual membership is $35 (as of January 2023); with that membership, AMA will move your dirt bike for free up to 35 miles.

Long-Distance Dirt Bike Shipping Costs

2021 Honda CRF450R
Transport the 2023 Honda CRF450R

The next scenario is long-distance dirt bike shipping up to 3,500 miles. This move can cost anywhere from $375 to $950. Why the range in pricing? Because numerous factors can shift your price in either direction. Your dirt bike’s size and type will impact your shipping cost. So will the pickup and delivery addresses, fuel prices, and, in some cases, the season.

The method of shipping (freight company vs. independent hauler vs. professional dirt bike shipper) will also affect the price of transporting your dirt bike. Visit this link for a quick cost comparison of the various shipping methods; although it’s calculated using a Kawasaki Vulcan, the general rules still apply. It might seem more cost-effective to move your dirt bike yourself, and in some cases, it can be the best option. But professional service companies often come in at around the same price once you factor in time, fuel, and hotel/accommodation costs. Freight companies are typically the most expensive of the domestic dirt bike shipping options.

International Dirt Bike Shipping Costs

If you need to ship your dirt bike internationally, the cost can range from $900 to $3,500. This is a specialized service, so it’s best to find a specialized company. is a trusted resource for international dirt bike transport; visit its website to get a free quote.

No matter the dirt bike shipping distance or method, keep in mind these hidden fees, each of which can affect the total price of your transport:

● Rural or “beyond” fees (based on pick-up or delivery locations; to avoid surprises, agree to both locations before finalizing your quote)
● Fuel surcharges (Diesel Fuel Prices posted by the EIA)
● Toll road and lift gate fees
● Insurance fees
● Residential fees (if you opt for door-to-door dirt bike shipping; you’ll need to ask the company if this service is offered)
● Attempted delivery fees (make sure you’re available when the driver arrives and that the location is easily accessible to the shipping company)
● Storage fees (when your dirt bike can’t be delivered as scheduled, such as the attempted delivery scenario we just described)

When determining your dirt bike shipping cost, also remember to factor in insurance. Ask the shipper about its insurance coverage and determine if its base-level offering is sufficient for the value of your dirt bike. If the answer is “no,” you will likely need to purchase above-and-beyond coverage for an additional fee.

Is dirt bike shipping different from motorcycle shipping?

2021 Yamaha YZ450F
2023 Yamaha YZ450F – Yep, you can ship that too!

When you search online for information about dirt bike shipping, what tends to come up is a bunch of articles about transporting motorcycles. With the right equipment and customized approach, shippers can adjust their system for shipping motorcycles to meet the needs of your dirt bike. However, most shipping companies don’t have the specialized equipment or expertise required to ship motorcycles and other two-wheel vehicles. With cargo as valuable as your dirt bike, experience is critical.

At Motorcycle Shippers, we ship dirt bikes like we ship motorcycles, using a proven transport system that has earned the trust of customers for more than 25 years. We have the equipment, expertise, and customer service to get the job done right, ensuring your dirt bike reaches its destination in the same condition as when it entered our hands. Our specialty skids provide a Perimeter of ProtectionⓇ around dirt bikes shipped using our Classic Service. Our Economy Services uses specialized soft straps to protect the fragile areas and finishes of your dirt bike. We ship our customers’ dirt bikes in fully-enclosed air-ride trucks that protect your ride from the elements during transport. And every step of the way, your shipping is managed by riders who treat your dirt bike as carefully as if it was our own.

Visit this link to learn more about our shipping process for motorcycles, dirt bikes, electric bikes, and more. Then, contact us for a free shipping quote. Our flat-rate quotes ensure that you get a transparent, fair price for shipping your dirt bike—no surprises or hidden fees.