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Use Sena’s Newest Action Camera to Bring Your Next Ride Home!

When GoPro first arrived on the market 18 years ago, it transformed how we thought about recording video on the go. But despite its Herculean presence in the action camera game, the GoPro and other similar cameras have some downsides, especially for riders. (One quick search for “mounting a GoPro to your motorcycle helmet” and you’ll see that this issue—and its potential illegality—has sparked considerable debate among riders online.) And then there’s the now-ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT). In today’s connected world, riders are no longer satisfied with a camera that simply films; we want, and expect, Bluetooth to be a feature of all our motorcycle devices.

Thankfully, the action camera game has come a long way since 2002, propelled by new technology and our insatiable appetite for documenting everything on social media for the world to see. The latest action camera model to hit the market, Sena’s 10C Pro Camera and Communications System, is designed specifically to help riders not only capture jaw-dropping footage, but have a lot of fun doing it.

The model is available from your favorite online dealer, and your the easy buying solution at Amazon. There’s a lot to love about Sena’s latest and greatest motorcycle camera-communication hybrid—making it worth the splurge any time of year.

Here are six Sena 10C Pro features that will make your next ride a whole lot more fun. (For its full list of specs, check out its official product page.)

  1. It captures incredibly crisp video

You wouldn’t expect anything less than HD from a professional video camera, and the Sena 10C Pro is no different—hence the “Pro” in its name. The 10C Pro shoots video in QHD (1440p/30fps) or full HD (1080p/30 or 60fps), and photos at 16:9, a quality level our content-savvy world has come to demand. The action cam’s 135-degree field of view lets you capture every detail, no matter how hard you’re hitting the pavement. It also doubles as a reliable dash-cam.

For a fun twist on basic road videos, try the Sena 10C Pro’s time-lapse mode, which turns even the most leisurely ride into a sped-up, bite-sized viewing experience full of twists and turns. (Don’t have a helmet cam but still want to shoot an awesome time-lapse? Check out this guide for shooting time-lapses with your iPhone.)

  1. It does the audio mixing for you

Thanks to the Sena 10C Pro’s Smart Audio Mix feature, your helmet cam will mix audio from your smartphone, or even your Bluetooth intercom, straight into the video you’re filming. The result? Real-time voiceovers even an amateur filmmaker can stand behind.

  1. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and the user-friendly Sena Camera app

Wi-Fi connectivity lets you preview your camera angle and adjust your lens to fit the curve of your helmet—taking the guesswork out of capturing that unforgettable stretch of your ride. The lens rotates up to 30 degrees, which can make a big difference in the quality of your final footage.

Over on the Sena Camera App, you can configure your camera’s settings in just a few swipes and download everything you capture directly to your smartphone. The result is high-quality content, downloaded and shared more easily than ever. There’s also the Sena Headset App, which is less exciting but lets you view a helpful quick-start guide.

  1. It lets you communicate with up to three of your rider buddies

The Sena 10C Pro’s Bluetooth system is seriously powerful, putting a host of capabilities at your fingertips. You can communicate with as many as three other riders using its intercom, staying in touch even if they’re up to 1 mile behind or ahead of you. Use the helmet cam’s Bluetooth to listen to music, follow your GPS, make calls and connect with on-bike entertainment systems.

Want to connect with riders around the globe, not a 1-mile radius? Check out the RideConnected App, which lets you chat with other motorcycle riders through your Sena Bluetooth headset, without geographic limitations. Just keep in mind that, unlike Sena’s action cameras, the app only has mediocre reviews on Google Play and the App Store. We haven’t tested it out yet.

  1. It gives you the power of multitasking

There’s nothing worse than getting to the favorite part of a song (or a crucial direction from your GPS), only to have a call put it on hold. The Sena 10C Pro’s Audio Multitasking feature lets you speak over its Bluetooth intercom while still hearing a second audio source, like your GPS or music. If you own the Sena 10C, consider this a substantial upgrade to the quality communication experience you already know—and likely already love.

  1. Its installation is easy and secure

Sena has had a few generations of its action cam to perfect the installation system, and with the Sena 10C Pro they’ve come pretty close. We found this product for sale on Amazon.

What amazing shots have you filmed using your action camera? Share your stories and most memorable footage with our rider community on social media!