More women are enjoying the sport of motorcycle riding than ever before

Women Riders Reach Record Numbers in 2018

3 Women on Motorcycles

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Generation Y women motorcycle riders are leading the growth

In an industry long plagued by dwindling rider numbers and a lack of enthusiasm from Millennials, there’s one undeniable bright spot in the world of motorcycle adoption trends: women are embracing the ride in record numbers.

According to a new report from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), 19% of motorcycle owners across the U.S. are now women. That’s a major finding in and of itself, but the good news doesn’t stop there. The study, which polled roughly 2,500 adults nationwide, found that among Gen X, 22% of motorcycle owners were women, and for Gen Y, women made up 26%.

To illustrate the rapid rise of women riders, consider this: Just four short years ago, the overall share of women riders was just 14%. A decade ago, they made up just 1 in 10 motorcycle owners. With that number now sitting at 19% overall—and even higher among younger generations—the MIC’s latest report gives the motorcycle industry a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

It also reaffirms that, in many ways, 2018 was indeed the Year of the Woman.  Let us know why you ride!