If you look at the history of oil prices, we think that fuel should be cheaper than it is today

Fuel Should be Cheaper

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High gas prices got you down? We feel they shouldn’t  be so high

As your gas level indicator heads toward zero, you’re probably just like the rest of us—muttering a not-so-silent expletive, wondering how many more miles you have left before you have to shell out more dollars at the pump.

And while parting with our hard-earned money has never been easy, the gas pump dread hasn’t always been like this. See, the gas prices over the last few years have seen some record highs in relation to the cost of oil. And while gas prices have hit some of their highest points multiple times over the last few decades—this year alone has seen national gas prices higher at the start of the year than they’ve been since 2014.

The state of gas prices today

Historically speaking, back when oil was priced at $140 per barrel, gas was surprisingly not that high. It never surpassed $4.11 per gallon. But Chart Showing Oil Pricestoday, with oil barrels costing nearly half of what they used to at $73.92 (at the time this article was written), gas is still priced at an average of $2.86. And, relatively speaking, the numbers just don’t add up.

Gas prices were 31% higher this Memorial Day than last year at the same time. And that has been some cause for concern. At $2.49 average price around the nation, and often much higher on the west US Map Showing Gas Pricescoast (even approaching $4 or $5 in places!), bikers and drivers alike are already shaking their heads with dread of what’s to come.

Just a few of the reasons for higher gas prices, according to AAA, is that American’s are driving more than ever. And that means demand is healthy and strong, which naturally drives prices through the roof. Plus, unbeknownst to most Americans, winter and summer use different blends of oil—and summer blends happen to cost more to produce. Who knew summer could have a downside? Experts also foresee higher prices in our near future, thanks to things like overseas output costs and refinery operations. Suffice it to say, both motorcyclists and automobilists aren’t exactly thrilled about this.

Our solution to high prices

Motorcycle Shippers is an advocate of lower fuel prices, particularly because these prices affect the cost of the transportation services we provide to our riders.  And while we may not be able to change the numbers at the pump, we are always looking for ways to keep costs down for riders—especially when those riders need to ship their bikes.

When fuel prices spike, Motorcycle Shippers absorbs many related costs in an effort to stabilize pricing for our riders. We don’t want to nickel-and-dime our riders. We’d rather ensure their shipping experience is simple and easy, with some good “seat time” as the ultimate goal.

Want to find out how you can ship your bike to your favorite event, and save on the year’s high gas prices? Contact our team today to see how we can help.

Have you seen gas prices jump for no particular reason? We want to hear your story.