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You Deserve an Untouchable Day

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Clint Lawrence

Clint Lawrence, founder of Motorcycle Shippers. Helping give riders more freedom to enjoy the bikes they love. [email protected]


Summer is here. And with it comes the tendency to reminisce about the playful days of our youth—those long days riding in the sun without a care in the world. But just because you’ve gone and grown up doesn’t mean you have to give that up for good.

Americans are overtired and overworked. On the average, we take the least vacations of anyone in the world. In 2016, 54% of people ended the year with unused vacation time that amounted to 662 million vacation days (and $66.4 billion in unused benefits)! A lack of planning is one of the main reasons that these days go unused.

But all work and no play soon results in burnout—a problem plaguing a majority of people in the U.S. and driving 50% or more of national employee turnover. Regardless of what you do for work these days, there are daily and weekly demands that can drain you of life if you let them. And that’s exactly why you deserve an Untouchable Day.

What’s an Untouchable Day?

Like the name implies, these are days when you are completely untouchable, unreachable and disconnected from all things work. That means even the boss can’t reach you on these days. You go completely off the grid, even shutting off your phone and Wi-Fi so nothing comes in and nothing goes out. Untouchable Days help you reconnect with yourself and fuel your best productivity.

As a biker, an Untouchable Day can be a literal breath of fresh air in your otherwise hectic week. And we’ve got just the motorcycle rides to help you rev up your engines again.

  • Pacific Coast Highway, Carmel to Morro Bay, CAMotorcycle Pacific Coast Highway California

There’s nothing like the good vibes of the California coastline. And driving the Big Sur area between Carmel and Morrow Bay offers a stunning experience (even though it’s notoriously foggy) at the intersection of surf, cliffs and the Redwood Forests. If you’ve never taken this ride, it should definitely be on your Untouchable Day ride bucket list.

  • Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina and Tennessee

Just 11 miles long, this stretch of highway is often considered the start of the best ride in North America, which is why locals and international Riders Turning Cornerbikers alike frequent this spot. Love curvy roads? You’ll experience 318of them as you ride through hardwood forests and mountainous wilderness with sheer drops to one side. And here’s the best part: no trucks allowed.

  • Peak to Peak Highway, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park. Doesn’t that say it all? Peak to Peak Highway will leave you breathless as you ride 60 miles of valleys, Riders on Highway in Coloradoswitchbacks, forests and alpine meadows. You’ll also experience the stunning views at the top of the Continental Divide.

These and many other motorcycle rides around the country are waiting to claim a spot on your calendar. There are other interesting motorcycle blogs out there that will also help you find the right way for you to enjoy your time away.

At Motorcycle Shippers, we know you work hard, and you deserve a day (many of them) to unplug and enjoy life. So whether you’re buying a bike for the first or hundredth time, heading out to a fun event or festival or taking your well-deserved Untouchable Day, we’ve got you covered.

And here’s the best part: when you schedule out your Untouchable Days ahead of time, you aren’t limited to rides within a certain miles’ radius. You can literally fly across the U.S. and ship your bike ahead of time so it’s waiting for you when you arrive. Heading out with friends? We’ve got multi-bike discounts, too. With more than 44 shipping terminals around the country and a ride-in-ride-out service, we can help make your Untouchable Day unforgettable.

What are you waiting for? Get your Untouchable Days on the calendar and start planning those rides!

When was the last time you took an Untouchable Day? Where’s your favorite place to ride?