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A Car that Spits out a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle Emerges From Front of Car

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Ford’s latest design spits out a motorcycle

Have you ever towed a car or motorcycle along on vacation to provide an easier way to get around? You’re not alone. Many of us have done exactly that, trying to increase efficiency and leave the luggage-filled vehicle behind. But now, Ford is about to change the game.

Ford has steadily been honing in on the SUV market, capitalizing on the demand for larger yet still cost-efficient vehicles for families. In North America, the company is redefining its space in the auto market, discontinuing nearly all its other cars in favor of SUVs.

Design Shows Inside of Motorcycle CarBut its latest design could revolutionize the market and bring out the car-enthusiast, gadgeteer and gear head in us all. Ford’s SUV shift is driven by profit margins and efficiency—and the company is now aiming to drive that efficiency to its customers with an SUV that spits out a motorcycle.

Yes, you heard that right. Ford just designed a car with a motorcycle inside it—putting a whole new twist on the company slogan, “Go Further.”

Designed for practicality and efficiency

While it might seem like a funky idea, Ford seems intent on innovating a way around the urban problems of minimal parking spaces and high parking rates. Sure, you can cart a bike around, or buy a truck and put the motorcycle in the bed. But where would the fun (and real efficiency) be in that?

The company has actually filed an application for a patent on its “multimodal transportation apparatus,” complete with drawings and all. Motorcycle Car DesignAnd we have to say, it looks pretty damn cool.

While its latest design looks like an ordinary enough SUV, it would have electric hub motors between the front wheels. This would not only eliminate the need for an axel but create the perfect space for the suggested electric motorcycle to slip right in. You can check out the drawings here.

Ford’s innovative auto streak

This isn’t the first time the car company has filed a patent application for something so completely out of the ordinary. Back in April, it filed a patent application for an SUV with a round cab and seats facing toward a central round table. By all appearances, it’s the ultimate party bus. Sure, patent applications like that can be pretty far out (and far from reality). But Ford’s drive to turn out the new and unusual is giving us hope that its motorcycle SUV is just around the corner.

Ford’s “multimodal transportation apparatus” could be the answer to getting around in traffic, or heading for a joyride when on vacation.

If this SUV is ever actually built, would you pay whatever premium costs for the novelty (and efficiency)? Or do you prefer the tried-and-true method of tying your motorcycle down in your truck? Tell us what you think!