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4 Tips to Cut the Hassle when Buying Your Motorcycle | 2024

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Clint Lawrence

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With an aging baby boomer population, a new crowd of millennial riders and an economy still on the mend, many riders are looking for more affordable bikes. Despite new models that cater to the younger crowd, many riders are turning their search to the used bike market.

Buying the right used motorcycle can take some legwork, though. Researching sellers and bike history, figuring out financing and how to actually get your bike all takes time—something most of us are already short on. But with the right resources, you can save your time and energy and still be satisfied that you’re getting the best bike for your needs.

Follow these quick steps to bypass the back-and-forth of bike buying and get straight to enjoying your new ride.

1 | Simplify your motorcycle research

Checking your bike’s history is crucial if you want to spend your dollars wisely. Save yourself valuable time and a whole lot of energy by using a service like Cyclechex, which gives you a vehicle history report in a fast, affordable way.

2 | Make safe, smooth payments

Let’s face it: there are some people who just want to take would-be buyers for a ride. Paying thousands of dollars over the internet in good faith can be dicey, but it goes both ways. Sellers are also crossing their fingers that payment will come through as promised, without chargebacks due to fraud. Using a sound payment system can give everyone that peace of mind that high-dollar transactions demand. Check out these payment services:

  • PayPalMotorcycle Rider Giving Keys to Another Rider provides a smooth transaction process that protects buyer and seller from fraudulent transactions. From requiring signatures upon delivery to recommending sellers request the buyer’s driver’s license for identity and address verification, using PayPal can help all parties know they’re making a legitimate, safe transaction.
  • Escrow.com holds your payment until everyone is satisfied with the sale. Here’s how it works: Your payment goes into escrow, triggering the seller to ship the bike. Once you, the buyer, inspect the bike and are satisfied, your money is released to the seller.

3 |Streamline the registration process 

Title for a MotorcycleAlways request a copy of the title from the seller before you make the purchase. Make sure they send you both the front and back of the title. Different states will have different requirements, so check out your area’s vehicle registration requirements beforehand. You can find your state’s government agency by doing a web search for “Motor Vehicle Registration [your state].”

4 |Shop nationwide for the best selection of bikes


Broadening your search range can improve your chances of making a great purchase. Technology makes it simple to research and purchase your new bike, and Motorcycle Shippers can help remove the headache of getting it to your door. Motorcycle Shippers can make getting the bike you want simple, no matter the distance. Here’s how it works:

  • Book your order online
  • Motorcycle Shippers will contact the seller to arrange transportation
  • You track your shipment right to your door

In today’s tech age, your new bike is as close as your computer. Follow the steps above to keep the process simple, streamlined and secure. Then, let Motorcycle Shippers take it from there—and ship your bike safely right to your door.