How is technology affecting our experience as motorcycle riders

Is Technology Robbing Our Riding Experience? | 2020 Perspective [Video]

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Motorcycling is a way of life. But new technologies on the horizon might just change the very nature of motorcycling forever. While technology may promise to enhance the biking experience with bells and whistles, at the end of the day, is that what bikers really want?

The Great Biker Tech Debate

Bikers fall into two camps when it comes to new technology. Those who decry all new technology as ‘cheating’, and those keen to embrace all the tech advantages they can get their hands on. Tom Byrne, a motorcyclist and writer for Revzilla MotorsportsRider on Concept Motorcycle, pointed out that one of the main advantages of new technology is its ability to improve safety for riders, car drivers and pedestrians alike.

Whatever old-school bikers think, though, these new technologies are not about to go anywhere. Harley Davidson has responded to a depressing 6.8% drop in global sales by rallying behind new tech. They acquired Alta Motors, which has been producing electric motorbikes since 2010. The first Harley Davidson electric motorcycle was released in 2019.

The rise of motorcycle technology

The motorcycle market has struggled in the aftermath of the 2008 recession as it tried to regain the sales it once held. In the U.S., Baby Boomers have dominated the market. But now, as new technologies Toyota IRoadtake shape, it might just kindle new interest in riders who haven’t yet embraced the experience in the way their predecessors have.

These up and coming technology trends are, one way or another, redefining motorcycling as we know it.

  • Communications Systems

Smart technology, like heads-up displays with navigation, is coming to motorcycle helmets near you. Tech like this promises to change the nature of motorcycling by feeding riders with information about the road ahead, including speed limit, maps, and outside temperature. It can also enable you to listen to music, take photos and receive hands-free calls. Some riders feel such tech disconnects them from experiencing the road. But, for others, the thought of blasting their favorite tunes while riding down the freeway is a dream come true.

  • Driver Automation

Driver automation still has a ways to go, but bikers are already able to automate parts of their ride with traction control, throttle control, stability and brake assist. Several luxury motorcycle manufacturers, including BMW, are leading the way in electronic assist controls. While the new technologies make learning to ride easier for beginners, advanced riders may find themselves wondering if they are riding the bike, or if the bike is doing all the work.

  • Electric Motorcycles

The old sound of a roaring engine may soon be replaced with a soothing hum, a memory and a squeal as you tear out on an electric motorcycle. In 2016, China had been the largest market for electric motorcycles. A report from TechNavio indicates that the global market for high-performance electric motorcycles will grow at a CAGR of more than 45% between 2016 and 2020. While electric motorcycles have their advantages, many traditionalists will likely prefer to feel the raw power of the ride.

  • Self-Driving Motorcycles

One of the biggest tech trends in motorcycling may come from self-driving bikes. These motorcycles are the next big thing on

Self Balancing Motorcycle the horizon, and may take all required skill out of riding. Still, some are excited about the prospect of using an interactive touchscreen on the bike for a hands-free riding experience.


  • Flying Motorcycles

Based on the R 1200 GS Adventure kit, designers at BMW created a flying motorcycle model, complete with front wheel

BMW Flying Motorcycle Conceptpropellers. This futuristic concept called the Hover Ride. It’s yet to be seen whether the investment in new technologies will pay off, as many bikers are still on the fence about whether technology will make riding easier or eliminate some of its most enjoyable elements.

  • Hoversurf Hoverbike

As its name implies, it’s essentially a motorcycle that hovers or flies. The bike wasn’t permitted to fly. It weighs just a bit more than 250 pounds and this single-seater can fly up to 16 feet above ground level at speeds up to 6 mph. Like electric motorcycles, the Hoverbike is no match for the duration that a traditional gas-powered motorcycle allows. Depending on the weight of the driver, the model can only be airborne for about 10 to 25 minutes at a time. indoors during the 2019 CES show that we attended, but we were able to film it doing a mini demo showing just how powerful it was when booted up.


One thing is certain: Motorcycle enthusiasts fall in love with the pure joy of the ride. But with the rise of new technologies, gadgets and smart devices, is technology enhancing what you love most about biking, or taking away from it?