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10 Best Deals on 2018 Motorcycles

2018 Suzuki GSX250R

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10 Value Motorcycles to Check Out in 2018

As we ride on into 2018, the landscape of motorcycling has never looked better. New design and technological advances are making better bikes available at just a fraction of the cost. For those looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled some of the best value motorcycles on the market today—from the best bikes with retro styling to the best street bobs and electric motorcycles.

Best Value for Going Retro: BMW R Nine T Pure

Retro roadsters are in, and if you are looking to sport that sleek, raw metal style, it can cost a pretty penny. BMW makes some of the best, but their prices tend to be at the top of the bunch. Thankfully, the 2018 BMW R Nine T Pure is being offered as an affordable entry into R Nine series. This bike should be high on your list of bikes if you’re searching for a stylish and elegant retro ride at a great price.
Base Price $11,995

Best Value for Street Riding: Suzuki GSX250R

A small and somewhat more sane alternative to the legendary 1000cc Gixxer, the Suzuki GSX250R is a full throttle street slayer that makes even a quick trip a satisfying ride. This unique machine has been styled and designed for youth, mixing the latest intelligent performance with Suzuki’s Katana sport ancestry. The result? An exciting experience in street riding.
Base Price: $4,865

Best Value for Adventures: Honda Africa Twin

The Honda Africa Twin has been described as the “perfect travelling companion.” Honda has been transporting intrepid travelers to every corner of the world for years. Even if your heart doesn’t melt at the thought of nights under the stars with only an engine to warm you, it just might when you see the price. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, the Honda Africa Twin is the bike that will get you where you’re going no matter how remote.
Base price: $12,999

Best Value for Going Electric: Zero S ZF7.2

If you’re thinking of going electric, then consider the Zero S ZF7.2 a good introduction to the future. Opt for the smaller battery with less range to keep things light. Its low-end torque afforded by electric motors keeps this little bike fun and exciting to ride when a big bike might be a bit excessive. If you’re looking for a bike perfect for short commutes or errands, this is worth checking out.
Base Price: $10,995

Best Value To Quench Your Need for Speed: Honda CBR 1000RR

While it isn’t the cheapest bike, the Honda CBR can smoke your rich buddy’s Ducati, at a fraction of the price. This top performing speed monster has the brute energy of a beast that has yet to be been tamed, and its raw power is available at command—all in a shockingly agile package. A great deal when you want no compromises when it comes to speed.
Base price: $17,000

Best Value for Looking Bad to the Bone: Triumph Bonneville Bobber

For those with attitude, the all black version of the Bonneville Bobber looks simply badass.

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber was the fastest-selling motorcycle in Triumph’s 115-year history, and the first 1000 of these black beauties were immediately snatched up when they went on sale in the U.S. For those looking for something black as night, this factory custom bobber offers pure minimalist design oozing with pure masculinity.
Base Price $13,150 for shiny black, $14,000 for matte

Best Value Naked Twin: Aprilia Shiver 900

The new Aprilia Shiver 900 doesn’t make any compromises, except on price. Its distinctive styling defies conformity, and includes details that make it more than your average bike, from the lateral air intake ducts on the front to the under saddle exhaust pipes. This naked twin is anything but ordinary.
Base Price: $9,400

Best Value For A Commute: Honda CB650F

If you’re looking for a reliable roaster for your commute, the Honda CB650F will let you do it in style. The Honda CB650F looks like a vintage Hornet or a middleweight four cylinder. The flowing headers caress the right side of the engine like a Seventies Honda’s 400 Supersport. It packs a punch on the freeway, but also has the handling to let you weave on the streets, so you never miss a meeting.
Base Price: $8,249

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