Bikers have their own language, some of it you may have never heard before

10 Biker Terms You May Not Know | 2024 Guide

Air Cooled Motorcycle

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Even if you’ve been riding motorcycles a while, you may not be familiar with all the “biker lingo” and other popular expressions frequently used by those who ride.  Some of these terms may not come as a surprise to veteran riders. Test your skills and see how many you already know.

  • Airheads: It’s not what you’re thinking. This term is used to refer to older, air-cooled BMWs.

    airheads bmw club
    Airheads on display
  • Basket Case: A motorcycle in a state of dis-assembly; such as a bike with its parts in baskets.

  • Church: The name for a club meeting.

  • Cage: You guessed it! A biker’s car.

  • Farkle: Doo-dads, kitch, and add-ons that sometimes serve no useful purpose.

  • Giggle Gas: Nitrous oxide.

    farkle motorcycle
    Farkle done right
  • Lone Wolf: A biker with no club affiliation.

  • Catwalk: A British term for wheelie.

  • Organ Donor: A biker who doesn’t wear a helmet.

  • Pasta Rocket: An Italian sport bike.

What are some of your favorites?