You can work and ride at the same time. Here is a little success story that I will never forget and thought to share with fellow riders.

How I Made $7K at 70mph

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Clint Lawrence

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The modern work place

Sometimes you just gotta ride but what do you do when duty calls (not that kind of duty) … literally? It’s a non-work day and I need some “me” time, so I reach for my bike keys, zip my jacket and pull on my Sena Bluetooth helmet while firing up my motorcycle. What better way to spend a gorgeous sunny day than carving a couple hours out of my schedule while my wife and kids are out running errands.

I consider myself to be pretty good at multi-tasking, but I never gave thought to using those skills to negotiate an important contract for work while out riding my motorcycle. I’m leaning into a turn, and coming out of a twisty ribbon of California asphalt, really getting on the throttle, when a call comes through. For a moment, I consider not answering it, but that’s simply not an option when you run a service business for riders. I swiftly press the button on my Bluetooth device and find myself in time sensitive contract negotiation. I had been busting my tail for months to make this call happen and a few minutes later I’m closing the deal while navigating my bike at 70 mph along the Southern California back roads.

As a business owner who’s always on the go, sometimes I just never know who will be calling me. If this sounds like you or if you’re just one of those riders who like to be accessible, be prepared by outfitting yourself and your bike with the latest in technology like I did. And, remember safety first.