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Have more fun on vacation

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Clint Lawrence

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Communicate the way you’ve always wanted

Connecting with other riders on motorcycle vacation makes riding fun, but communication systems have always been limited by range. If you get too spread out you lose your connection. According to the latest industry update from SENA, range is no longer a problem. The new Sena RideConnected App allows you to connect with 16 other riders anywhere in the world. Even your buddy that couldn’t make the trip can be in the conversation. We are no longer limited by range!



Have more fun while you vacation
The perfect vacation is different for everyone. Riders enjoy different climates, exploring less-traveled terrain and unique culinary experiences. But we do have some common threads that most of us share. We like to spend time with friends, we enjoy good conversation, and we like to relax on vacation. There is one more characteristic that is unique to motorcycle riders. We all think about how fun it would be to have our bikes with us on vacation.


The good news is that you can! Motorcycle Shippers customers take their bikes on vacation all over the place. Being on vacation and riding with a group of friends is what it’s all about. Getting a quote is free and easy so you can start planning your trip today.