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Riding Motorcycles is Good Therapy for Veterans

Veterans who Ride

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In the last few years, researchers and psychologists have looked beyond motorcycle riding as purely an adrenaline kick. They’ve discovered that motorcyclists find riding to be a therapeutic process that allows them to de-stress. Riding motorcycles is good therapy.

This process is especially important for veterans of our armed services who have returned home to civilian lives while still dealing with some of the tragic events that they witnessed overseas. Many veterans are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – a disorder that can be tough to overcome.

PTSD is one of the most common side effects veterans face after combat. Finding a solution or therapy to overcome the syndrome can be difficult. That is why individuals like J. Paul Rand, Phc, MBA researching motorcycle riders are so important. A study he conducted with riders of various ages suggests that while riding  “through a relaxation of mental stressors on various schemas, new possibilities for resolution seemed to effortlessly emerge for the riders.” This is the kind of research that can help vets as life ebbs and flows.

Riding motorcycles is good therapy.

Veteran and co-founder of the V-Twin Project Aaron Perry said in a statement for the Portland Tribune “Out there nothing takes hold — especially not pain, anxiety, exasperation or fear.” (Haugen, 2014).

Motorcycle riding is fun but it can also increase the quality of life for riders. Some veterans even say it is the antidote to stress. In an article similarly titled For military veterans, motorcycle ride provides an antidote to stress (Barrett) Brian Steuber a former U.S. Army staff sergeant says “My medical prescription is 800-plus pounds of American-made metal and chrome. No drug can compare; no feeling is better. That’s why I ride.” This is a common theme among vets who ride and many would like to see more vets on motorcycles.

PTSD and stress in general are not unique to veterans and can affect anyone. That means riding can be a prescription for everyone. A ride is often a form of relaxation – a way to remove yourself from everyday mundane life, crowded roads, and hectic situations.

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