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Safe Motorcycle Buying and Selling

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Clint Lawrence

Clint Lawrence, founder of Motorcycle Shippers. Helping give riders more freedom to enjoy the bikes they love. [email protected]

Besides being so convenient, online motorcycle purchasing is also a great way to find a Good Deal. Managing your purchase correctly is important. Although most buyers and sellers are honest, occasionally an unscrupulous person will exploit the internet to commit fraud. Read our safe motorcycle buying and selling tips.

Tips for Buyers:

1) If the advertised price looks too good to be true, then the offer may not be real. You can find good deals out there, but motorcycles don’t just ‘happen’ to be advertised thousands of dollars below their actual value, so be cautious. Check the value of your potential purchase on Nada before you buy.

2) Make phone contact with the seller. This may sound old-school to the new-age buyer, but it’s one of the best ways to get a ‘feel’ for the legitimacy of the deal.

3) Verify the sellers identity. Dexknows is a valuable resource. Verify the seller’s physical address and phone number BEFORE SENDING PAYMENT. Zip codes, area codes and addresses should match up. Google maps is a free online resource that can help you determine if the sellers address is legitimate.

4) Be cautious of someone acting as an “agent” representing a buyer or seller, or anyone who is not the true owner of the vehicle. Steer clear of sellers who claim that the motorcycle is being stored somewhere, especially when dealing with someone outside your country.

5) Request a copy of the title from the seller (front and back) prior to purchase. Learn what’s required in your state to transfer title to the vehicle you’re buying. Start with locating the governing agency in your state by doing an internet search for “Motor Vehicle Registration (Your State)”.

6) Get a vehicle history report. Cyclechex is the fastest and most affordable way to do this.

Motorcycle History Report

7) Verify the vehicle and its location. Do not use money transfer services, such as Western Union to pay for online purchases. Be wary of anyone who only accepts this type of payment. We recommend Paypal or Escrow

8) Do not let your new purchase sit waiting for the transport company to pick it up. Time is of the essence in every business transaction, the less time that goes by means the greater the chance that you will receive your bike in the condition in which it was sold to you. Choose a reputable transport company that specializes in providing timely service and affordable rates.

Tips for Sellers:

9) Do not accept checks, including cashiers checks. Fraudulent buyers sometimes overpay with a check and then request a refund for the difference, possibly taking your motorcycle and some cash at the same time. Printing phony cashiers check has proven to be quite a simple task for these types of bandits. We recommend Paypal or Escrow

10) A buyer or seller who insists on using a particular escrow company to handle the transaction is probably trying to steer you towards a fraudulent escrow services site. Use if you choose to take payment via an escrow service.

Motorcycle Shippers has moved over 70,000 motorcycles since 1994, These are long distance transactions between individual sellers who come together to create a safe motorcycle buying and selling experience.  We love to share our experiences, call us if you have questions.