Our vision is to help give riders more freedom to enjoy the bikes they love.  It is fun transporting motorcycles, so we love what we do for riders across the US.  Find out how easy it is to get your bike moved.

Motorcycle Moves are Fun Transport Opportunities

Motorcycle Transport Truck

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Clint Lawrence

Clint Lawrence, founder of Motorcycle Shippers. Helping give riders more freedom to enjoy the bikes they love. [email protected]


Motorcycle Transport Can be Fun and Easy:

Don’t you ever want to fly home and go for a ride with your old buddies? Wouldn’t it be fun to go see your son or daughter and do some riding while you’re there? At the risk of sounding cliché we at Motorcycle Shippers says “seize the moment” and get away for a while. It may sound complicated shipping your motorcycle across the country, but we have it all worked out for you. So now your probably thinking “How much would it cost? Would my motorcycle make it safely? How would I even pick it up when I get there? Will if it’s not on time?” At Motorcycle Shippers, we pioneered the Motorcycle Transport Service industry and we know how to make your motorcycle shipping experience affordable, secure, easy and even fun!


If the cost of shipping your motorcycle has been holding you back, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Do a little price shopping for motorcycle transport services to Daytona Bike Week or the Sturgis Rally and you’ll see how expensive it can be with other companies. Over many years Motorcycle Shippers has taken advantage of the opportunity to build relationships in the industry allowing us to make our motorcycle shipping service affordable. We even have customers who buy motorcycles online and have them shipped and still save money when compared to buying the bike in their own home town.


Imagine how frustrating it would be to ship your motorcycle and have it arrive damaged. With Motorcycle Shippers your bike is loaded onto a special skid that provides a Perimeter of Protection® around it. Our highly experience drivers then use soft ties to protect any fragile parts of the motorcycle for the long haul. All of our trucks are fully enclosed and equipped with air ride suspension and lift gates. You just don’t get this level of protection everywhere, so be safe and ship with professionals.


Getting an estimate and placing your shipment could not be easier. For a motorcycle delivery service quote we only need six simple pieces of information: Vehicle type, year, make, model, origin state and destination state. Once you enter this information you click a button and get your estimate. Then, to place your order you just click ‘Place Order’ and fill out the details. Of course if you prefer, you can call us and we will enter all the information for you.


When your’re on a tight schedule you don’t want to wait around for a motorcycle shipping service to show up at your house.  Book with a company that can provide quick service and book your order today on the largest motorcycle-equipped fleet in the nation. We are proud of the fact that since 1994 Motorcycle Shippers has lead the ‘motorcycle shipping’ industry with a record 99.4% of our shipments  delivered on time.


We know that you will always worry a bit about your bike when it’s not in your possession.  That is why all of our shipments are traceable. You can get online and track the progress of your shipment, something few other transport companies can provide.

Let’s face it, riding motorcycles is fun, but for most of us it is about the entire experience. It is about being with good friends and the camaraderie after the ride. Motorcycle Shippers has helped make these ‘priceless moments’ affordable for everyone. We have enjoyed coordinating motorcycle shipments and good times worldwide over the past couple of decades.  We are excited to share this professional shipping service with you. Don’t wait another minute, schedule your next adventure today.

Motorcycle Transport Truck
Motorcycle Shippers transport truck