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Verify Your Buy when Purchasing a Motorcycle

Motorcycle Inspection through a Magnifying Glass

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Clint Lawrence

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Buying a Motorcycle Online: Verify Your Buy

If you are thinking about buying a motorcycle online you may find yourself in a situation such as this. You have been researching a potential purchase for some time now and you’ve finally found the bike you want to buy. The money is in your account, the seller seems to be nice enough and you didn’t see any damage that concerns you in the pictures you received. You have done everything you can to make sure you are getting the best deal, right? Simply put, the answer is no. There is one more crucial step that you should be taking to make sure your investment is solid. Get a Motorcycle History Report from

Buying Motorcycle Online
Motorcycle History Reports

It is important to get a Motorcycle History Report when you are shopping for a motorcycle online because it often contains information that you may not be able to see in pictures or learn from talking to the seller.

We have found that reputable sellers may even pay for a good motorcycle background check if the buyer shows them how to get one, so you may want to send your seller a link to this page.

Even an honest seller may not know certain things about the machine that happened with previous owners. Issues such as bent frames can sometimes be hard to detect, even with a visual inspection. These things can easily be found in the “Disclosed Damage” section of a Motorcycle History Report.

A Motorcycle History Report may contain:

Disclosed Damage Salvaged or Damaged Titles
VIN Decoding Salvaged – Stolen Titles
Last Recorded Odometer Rebuilt Titles
Crushed Vehicle Manufacturers’ Specifications
Multi-State Searches Manufacturers’ Recall History

Armed with a Motorcycle History Report, you now have more information about the cycle you want to purchase. Make this work in your favor during the negotiation process. You never know, it could even lead to a lower selling price.

By the time you buy the motorcycle online you have invested a considerable amount of time and money into the process. Damage to your new bike during shipping would be a real shame and that is why it is important to ship it with a company that you can trust. Motorcycle Shippers is that company. Ship your bike with specialists who have a proven track record of safety and vehicles equipped for the job. Our affordable service even offers 24/7 shipment tracking so you always know where you motorcycle is. Go ahead and be proactive, get a motorcycle background check and then ship your motorcycle with JC Motors, the best choice in motorcycle transport services.