1. For your protection, we require that all units be shipped without the keys unless you are moving a trike, UTV, slingshot or golf cart as these vehicles are too large to push and must be in running condition.  In addition, we will also need the keys for any Local Service moves which are done using a special roll-back truck for distances less than 100 miles.
  2. The steering must be unlocked and any alarm system you may have is disabled or put in “transport” mode.
  3. During the normal transport time, the battery may deplete its state of charge. Please be aware that this is not covered under valuation coverage.
  4. The vehicle must be ready for pick up when the order is placed.
  5. Loose or removable items (Helmets, extra parts, etc.) are not included in the valuation coverage & must also be shipped separately.
  6. Maximum size restrictions:
    • Motorcycle: 108″ L x 48″ W
    • Motorcycle over 108″: Can be over 108″ L but Max 58″H
    • ATV: 90″ x 48″ (Classic Service) or 108″ x 48″ W x 58″ H (Economy Service)
    • UTV: 170″ L x 70″ W x 76″ H.
    • Trike: 144″ L x 58″ H.
    • Slingshot: 150″ L x 58″ H.
    • Golf Cart: 92″ L x 51″ W x 67″ H (Classic Service) or 108″ L x 48″ W x 58″ H (Economy Service).
    • E-Bike/Bike: 90″ L x 30″ W x 45″ H. Max weight 175 lbs.
  7. Drivers must be able to access the pick-up and delivery locations with an 80-foot tractor-trailer. Any location that requires access by a ferry or unpaved surface is not considered tractor-trailer accessible.
  8. Dispatchers normally call one business day prior to scheduling the driver.
  9. We do not guarantee pick-up or delivery dates or times; we provide only approximate date ranges. The customer understands and agrees that Motorcycle Shippers LLC is not a carrier and has no control over traffic, weather, schedule changes, and other uncontrollable events.
  10. An attempt fee of up to $250 will apply if confirmation is made for pick-up or delivery but the party contacted is unavailable upon the driver’s arrival or the pickup/delivery is not possible. Driver standby time is limited to 30 minutes, additional fees may apply if time is exceeded.
  11. A person over the age of 18 must be available at the pickup and delivery location upon the driver’s arrival.
  12. Contact persons should be available by phone (direct line or cell number) 8-5 Monday through Friday.
  13. Maximum dimensions for motorcycles destined for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico are 90″ long x 50″ high x 31″ wide.
  14. Before transportation, Motorcycle Shippers reserves the right to verify the shipment and modify or withdraw any quotation or reservation.
  15. In the unlikely event of failure to perform the VIP Service, the amount charged for the VIP Service will be refunded. Services cannot be canceled once requested; a change of address will nullify the commitment. Attempted delivery by the carrier will satisfy the commitment. VIP Express Service applies to the committed day only, and not a specific time or window of time within a day.
  16. Any damage exceptions must be noted on the inventory sheet upon delivery. All shipments are subject to our Contract.