Fast Motorcycle Shipping is available through our 7-Day Shipping Service. We can deliver a motorcycle in 7 days or less from the day it is picked up in our Pop-Up Crate.


7-Day Motorcycle Shipping Service

Fast Motorcycle Shipping Starts with our Pop-Up® Crate

We ship you the crate and it’s your’s to keep!

You pack your motorcycle inside the crate.

We deliver your bike in approximately 7 days from the day we pick it up.


    • You must leave your fuel tank with less than 1/4 tank.
    • Maximum dimensions of the motorcycle are 90″ Long, 31″ wide and 50″ tall.
    • Your crate will come with (6) Soft Cinch Motorcycle Tie Downs


  • Our Pop-Up Crates provide a steel Perimeter of Protection® around your bike.
  • Soft straps are used to protect fragile parts.


  • $7000 valuation coverage is included and additional coverage is available for $7.00 per $1000 valuation, with zero deductible.
  • Detailed photos documenting condition prior to shipment are required.

Additional Information:

  • The drivers will call one business day before arrival.
  • All services are subject to Motorcycle Shippers’ Contract.


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