Fast Motorcycle Shipping is available through our 7-Day Shipping Service. We can deliver a motorcycle in 7 days or less from the day it is picked up in our Pop-Up Crate.

7 Day Motorcycle Shipping Service

Fast Motorcycle Shipping Starts with our Pop-Up® Crate

We ship you the crate and it’s your’s to keep! (Value $490)

You pack your motorcycle inside the crate.

We deliver your bike in approximately 7 days from the day we pick it up. We include $7000 of valuation coverage for no
additional charge with ZERO deductible. You can purchase more coverage for $7.00 per $1000 of

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Shipping Highlights


  • You must leave your fuel tank with less than 1/4 tank and disconnect your battery.
  • Maximum dimensions of the motorcycle are 90″ Long, 31″ wide and 50″ tall.
  • Your crate will come with (6) Soft Cinch Motorcycle Tie Downs


Our Pop-Up Crates provide a steel Perimeter of Protection® around your bike and include an easy access inspection and dust cover. Soft straps are used to protect fragile parts. The crate is yours to keep and reuse the next time you need quick transport.


$7000 valuation coverage is included and additional coverage is available for $7.00 per $1000 valuation, with zero deductible. Additional insurance is available as requested in the form above. Subject to Motorcycle Shippers’ Contract.

Additional Information:

  • The drivers will call one business day before arrival.
  • An adult must be available at both the origin and destination when the driver arrives.
  • Subject to Motorcycle Shippers’ Contract.


  • Collapsed
  • Crated
  • Wrapped
  • Loaded