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5 Excuses to Skip Work and Go Riding

If the warm weather and long summer days have you dreaming of motorcycle riding you’re not alone. Summertime is the most common time of year for travel. But sometimes all you need is a short trip to clear your head. When getting time off work proves difficult try one of these excuses to skip work and go riding.

1. My kid got suspended for using profanity.

2. My dog is having his teeth cleaned.

3. I misplaced my keys.

4. I have to appear in traffic court.

5. I’m having a vasectomy.

Obviously, these excuses may only be good for one time use so be sure to use them sparingly. What other excuses have you tried? Share your winners with us.

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Clint Lawrence

Clint Lawrence, founder of Motorcycle Shippers, industry consultant and ambassador of fun. [email protected]